Lifecycle Biotechnologies Hires New Business Development Manager


Brad Moravec joins Lifecycle Biotechnologies as Business Development Manager to lead industrial division while overseeing day-to-day operations in sales, customer service and marketing.

Lifecycle Biotechnologies, a leading life science tools and services supplier, is proud to welcome Brad Moravec as Business Development Manager. In this newly created position, Mr. Moravec will lead the company-wide industrial sales efforts to achieve strategic goals and embark on the direction set for 2018 and beyond. As the company expands its vision in the coming decade, Mr. Moravec’s formidable experience will be a considerable asset to Lifecycle in its continued work in biopharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, and industrial industries such as biofuels/energy, cosmetics, food and beverage, plastics, chemicals, instruments and supplies.

With nearly 20 years in business development, Mr. Moravec previously served as Gulf Region Manager for ESC Lab Sciences. At Lifecycle, Mr. Moravec will be responsible for driving industrial business growth while overseeing day-to-day operations in sales, customer service, and marketing. Moravec will also lead the alignment of Lifecycle’s services to form a unified company that provides resources for pharmaceutical manufacturing, diagnostics, animal health, organ and tissue donation, stem cell culture processing, and myriad other purposes. He holds a BS Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Florida Institute of Technology.

“Brad Moravec brings vast experience and knowledge along with an ambitious and proactive approach,” said Aaron Schieving, Director of Sales and Marketing for Lifecycle Biotechnologies. “His leadership, focus and strategic vision will be tremendously valuable for the next couple of years and as we enter a new decade.”

About Lifecycle Biotechnologies

Based in Ft. Worth, TX, Lifecycle Biotechnologies has served the life science industry for over 30 years. Lifecycle provides a unique and unmet need for the sterility, packaging, and preparation of leading pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics, cell- and tissue-based products, and many other medical products. Lifecycle develops and applies processes for lifesaving and life-enhancing medical products. For more info on Lifecycle Biotechnologies, please visit:


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