KoreTrak Watch Reviews – New fitness tracker worth it?

Updated on January 22, 2022

KoreTrak Watch – Nowadays there are many people who wear a fitness watch on their wrist. Most benefit from its function of recording health data. Therefore, they have become an indispensable tool for sports. There are numerous models on the market that are characterised by their versatility. However, the devices from which one can expect a little more are often very expensive. The situation is different with the product presented here. Not only does it have all the necessary features of a good fitness watch, but it also offers other features and looks good. We wanted to have a closer look at the product and explain what is important in the following.

What is the KoreTrak watch?

KoreTrak is a fitness tracker that you can use to your advantage from a health point of view. Nowadays, more and more people are walking around with a Smartwatch, which they use as a support for sports and monitor their own health. All in all, fitness trackers like KoreTrak actually only bring benefits. The manufacturer of KoreTrak promises the following features:

  • real-time recording of health data and fitness metrics
  • Measures the blood oxygen content
  • Many integrated fitness apps
  • Heart rate is measured
  • Pedometer and calorie counter
  • Notifications are forwarded
KoreTrak Watch

As you can see, KoreTrak has all the features to keep up with the really good fitness trackers. The device is also very easy to use and has a very good usability.


What are the KoreTrak quality features?

We wanted to try KoreTrak and check its quality. We found out that the fitness tracker is very qualitative and you can use it for sports without any problems. Even when paired with the smartphone, the Smartwatch proved to be extremely uncomplicated. Simply switch on Bluetooth on both devices and the Fitness Tracker initiates the connection process. Afterwards, you can already make some settings. Together with the app recommended by the manufacturer, even more functions are possible. All in all, a Smartwatch that you can rely on.

KoreTrak rating and recommendation

All in all we assess the KoreTrak with a good judgement. Because it is not only useful to be supported in sports. It is a good utensil that can be used very well in everyday life. In addition to its use for fitness, it is also able to receive notifications and thus provides information about whether you have received a message on your smartphone, for example. KoreTrak is popular with many people because it looks so good too. Because it is not bulky and can be worn perfectly by men and women alike. We give the Fitness Tracker a good rating and believe it can be a real asset. Further information and a discounted price can be found here on the official site!

General information about the Fitness Trackers

Nowadays, many people walk around with a fitness tracker and use it to record health data or simply to watch how they are doing while exercising. For this purpose, the watches have numerous other apps that you can use to your advantage. But it’s the same as always: if a Smartwatch is to have certain functions, you usually have to pay a relatively high price for them. The KoreTrak is an exception here, because it offers a good price-performance ratio and is therefore available to everyone, even if you only have a small budget. For example, there are still far too few fitness trackers nowadays that do not have a function for measuring blood pressure. However, the smartwatch does have one and is therefore a very advanced Smartwatch, which can be very beneficial.

KoreTrak reviews

When we were looking for information, we at KoreTrak also looked to see if there were people who had already worked with the Fitness Tracker. We found experience reports, which were mostly positive. Most of them use KoreTrak to record and report health data. In addition, there are older people who use the Smartwatch mainly for their health monitoring. In sports it does a good job and is an indispensable partner that hardly any user would want to do without. Most are positively surprised by its capabilities and are happy to recommend it to others. However, we could not find any negative contributions. Visit the official site to see more customer reviews!


Why do I need this Fitness Tracker?

The Fitness Tracker is aimed at both young and old, which makes it difficult to clearly define its target group. It is also irrelevant whether you are male or female. Everyone gets along with this watch. There is also no problem for people who do not handle technical equipment very often. Because the settings are so easy to make that you can get along with it. Furthermore, it should also appeal to people who have already come into contact with one or the other fitness tracker, but were possibly not satisfied. KoreTrak offers them a completely different handling and possibly even better results.


Which advantages and disadvantages does the product have?

Of course it is always interesting to know which advantages and disadvantages a product has. This way you can also get better information about it. You can also use the lists as a purchase decision aid if you are not quite sure whether the watch is right for you:


  • Stylish design
  • Numerous functions
  • Uncomplicated operation
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Suitable for health and other purposes


  • None known

As you can see, you can expect only good things from this product and you don’t have to expect any disadvantages. First and foremost it is the good value for money that this product offers, together with the many features you can benefit from. We recommend that you simply try the fitness watch and see for yourself.

Known FAQ about this product

In this section, we explain the last questions that may have arisen during reading. So you have a complete overview:

  • Q: Can KoreTrak be used in the shower? 
    • A: This is not a problem. The Fitness Tracker is waterproof according to IP67 and therefore well prepared.
  • Q: Do you always have to have your smartphone with you so that the Smartwatch saves everything? 
    • A: No, you don’t have to. The Fitness Tracker stores all data for a period of seven days so that it can be transferred the next time it comes into contact with the smartphone. You don’t have to have your phone with you all the time.
  • Q: Can the bracelet be replaced? 
    • A: Unfortunately not. But it is possible to choose in which colour you would like to receive the KoreTrak when ordering.
  • Q: Can I track my delivery? 
    • A: Yes, it is possible. When the KoreTrak is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You can enter this number via the regular services on the internet and check where your package is at the moment.
  • Q: Which operating systems is it compatible with? 
    • A: Basically with many. It is also important that you install the app recommended by the manufacturer. Only then can you access all the features and functions of the watch and use it for all purposes.
  • Q: Are the numbers and values easy to read? 
    • A: Actually, there are no problems whatsoever in this respect. Moreover, you are able to change the dial according to your preferred settings. In this way, you can in principle always read everything that is necessary.

Are there possible problems or risks?

The fitness watch is safe to use and does not cause any problems if used properly. We have noticed that it can also be useful to always check the battery status. In this way you can avoid the watch running out of power when you are out and about. Depending on which functions you activate, the battery may drain more quickly. Therefore, the offers are also useful. This way, you can wear one of the watches while the other is charging.

Where can I buy KoreTrak?

It is best to order KoreTrak directly from the manufacturer. They offer their products on their own homepage in an online shop. Here you can also take advantage of special offers that will benefit you as a customer. These special offers not only include several fitness trackers, but are also perfect to save money. Because a single Smartwatch costs much less here than if you order it separately. These offers can be used alone or with a friend to save money. But be careful: The offers are always limited in time. Therefore it is definitely worthwhile to take advantage of them when you have the opportunity.

To place an order, there is an order form which you can simply fill out. Only a few details are required here. Afterwards you will be forwarded to the payment, which offers secure and uncomplicated methods. Paypal and credit card are standard here. Afterwards you just send the order and wait for the Smartwatch to be sent to you. Nothing more is necessary. Check the official site here to find a discounted price!

KoreTrak – Technical facts

As far as the technical details are concerned, we unfortunately could not find out anything about the KoreTrak in detail. Clear is, however, it has all the features that a good fitness tracker should have.

Contact Info

The manufacturer is a company based in China. The full address is: Strong Current Hong Kong, Suite 2201, 21/F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Glouchester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. There is also an email address to contact. It is [email protected]

Homepage: https://www.koretrak.com/

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