Important considerations before choosing your personal trainer in Markham

Updated on May 14, 2019

The very first step towards getting fitter, better and stronger is to work with a professional. So, if you have thought it through and decided on having a personal trainer, congratulations are in order! The personal trainer will keep your motivation levels high and consider himself/herself accountable to maximize the output.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, then all you need to do is a bit of careful online research. You need to make a sound investment, or else it is your hard-earned money that you are going to waste without seeing any results, ever!  For more information, you can visit the personal trainer Toronto Mayfair.

It is called a “personal trainer” for a particular reason. You need to make sure that your trainer, gives you all the attention and personal care when it comes to your exercise regimen and body goals. It is, therefore, crucial to do your legwork and shop around before making a choice. In the following section, we have listed all the considerations that you need to make before hiring a personal trainer. 


There are no ifs and buts to this one! Your fitness trainer should have a valid fitness certification in his/her area of expertise. There are accredited organizations and examinations that a fitness trainer needs to pass to gain his/her certificate of merit and licensure for training. Look for ACE, NASM or NSCA certifications before selecting your trainer. 

The experience

In this line of work, experience counts for everything. Practice makes everyone nearly perfect and similar is the case with the trainer. You are not a guinea pig that your trainer will test out his/her knowledge and methods for the first time on you. So, make sure you invest in a trainer with tons of experience when it comes to training regimens, posture correction and dealing with injuries. 

The personality

A positive personality will motivate you to push your boundaries and test your limits. If you work well with a positive individual, then what you need to do is invest in a person and not in his/her user reviews. If your trainer gels and bonds well with you, then it might just be the start of something beautiful and ultimately fruitful. 

Specialties of your trainer

Not all fitness trainers are experts at everything. And it is down to no fault of the trainer. It is virtually impossible to be a master at everything. If you are interested in a particular sport, you need to find a trainer with experience and expertise in dealing with that specific field. Similarly, if you are looking for building up the general fitness and core strength, you need to make your choice after weighing out your options. 

Finally, the cost

Well, no list is complete without discussing the cost factor to it. Rates of the personal trainer are dependent on various factors including the time of the day, hours put in, certifications, location and the specialty of the individual. Yes, the rates are negotiable, but it is an excellent idea to do your research before investing. 

Keep in mind these essential tips while choosing your personal fitness trainer.

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