How Useful Are Fitness and Health Apps In Tracking Our Health

Updated on July 22, 2021

Considering the impact that the COVID pandemic has had on the world, everyone had to go down the route of isolating, and therefore finding the self-motivation to work, workout, or do anything else they wanted to do, it all had to be done at home for a very long time. 

With this pandemic still all over the world, companies’ fitness apps have, and still are broadening their scope to include more and more features and benefits to help those who have downloaded them, and help them gain access to more data about their health and fitness. 

But how do fitness and health apps help you? What do they offer you that you may not find from the internet, a friend, or even a gym. 

Build Your Fitness Goals

The one issue that many people have when they first start working out, is that they know what they want to achieve, but they don’t know how to get there. Fitness apps streamline this process, and allow you to just tick a few boxes, and voila, you now have a fitness goal, and a path to get there. 

Apps that offer this usually also allow you to track your calorie intake, how much exercise you’ve done that day, and just generally ensure you are staying on track to reach your goal. Having this information at hand allows you to stay focused, and see where you could improve on. 

Keeping Records

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This ties into setting goals, but being able to keep track of your weight, BMI, calorie intake, exercise frequency and the like is essential in knowing if you are making progress. While a particular look or weight should never be your main goal, and being healthy should, being able to track these things makes the process a lot easier. 

Once again, these records will also allow you to see if you are possibly lacking in one area, or if you have missed a workout, or maybe gone too far above, or below the calories you should be eating. 

Real-Time Workouts

Another feature that has proven to be very beneficial due to lockdowns and not being able to go to the gym, is the fact that many apps over real-time workouts with trainers and fitness professionals. 

This allows users to log in at the right time, and can follow along with professional workouts. This is highly beneficial to those who need the motivation, and for those who are wanting a professional to lead them in their workouts. 

Depending on how advanced the app is, this type of feature also adds a level of accountability, as you would be able to have one on one time with the trainer, discuss your diet, motivation and whatever else you need to discuss to improve your health journey. 

Connecting With Others

The social aspect of these apps are also a massive pro for their users. Many of them are like social media platforms, but there are others that have leaderboards and whatnot that allow you to have mini-competitions with your friends or others on the app. 

You can also connect with those that have similar goals and regimes, allowing for that extra level of motivation, and making sure you aren’t slacking. There is the option to meet up if you can, and do your workouts together. 

The Best Fitness Apps

There are numerous apps on the market when it comes to fitness and health. However, there are a few that are most probably the best, and if you are going to download one, you should download one of them. You can learn more at


The best app for runners and cyclists, Strava turns your iOS or Android device into your own personal fitness computer. Track your stats as your ride or run, and once you get home, you can do a deep-dive into everything, such as your heart rate, pace, and everything in between. 

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app is regarded as one of the most well-rounded fitness apps on the market. It may be similar to other fitness apps with regards to its interface and the way you interact with it, but it is different in every other way. 

The app features multiple workouts, all with different goals in mind, as well as workouts for the gym, as well as for home if you don’t have equipment. There are videos that break each exercise down too, to ensure you are doing them correctly. 

The workouts can be very intense, and you may not make it to the end of themat first. One downside, some of the workouts are repetitive, with users simply doing the same exercises with more intensity. However, the app is free, very surprising for what you get. 

Whether you work out in a group, at the gym, with a friend or by yourself at home, having an app to help motivate you and track your progress is highly beneficial. Fitness apps sometimes have this appearance of being a bit too much and unneeded, but in the case of tracking your fitness and health, they are very useful, and in some way, should be recommended. 

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