How to Pick the Ideal Ballroom Dancing Footwear

Updated on January 20, 2023

You might ask why you can’t just dance in your regular shoes if you’re new to ballroom dancing. But as with any sport, you require the right gear to perform at your best and prevent injuries. You may move more easily and avoid knee and joint pain by wearing the proper ballroom dance shoes. Ballroom dance shoes and Latin dance shoes differ from one another. You can find advice on selecting the appropriate dance shoes in this post.

Open-toe vs closed-toe

If you’re new to ballroom dancing, you might assume that whether you wear an open-toe shoe or a closed-toe shoe depends only on personal preference. You might be astonished to hear that it goes far deeper than that for this reason. Choosing between open-toe and closed-toe shoes significantly impacts your performance, and dancers frequently view these footwear options as entirely different styles.

Open-toed shoes work well for energetic, forceful Latin ballroom dances like salsa. Since quick movements are necessary for Latin dances, the open-toed form provides more flexibility to support them. On the other hand, traditional ballroom dances like the Waltz, Foxtrot, or Tango are typically better suited for closed-toe shoes. You can move over the dance floor with constrained, accurate motions because of their increased rigidity and support. As a result, when trying different pairs of shoes, decide the design you’re more likely to wear.

Heel heights

Latin, as well as ballroom dance shoes, often have heels that are 1.5 to 3 inches high. Beginner dancers should select a heel height most comfortable for them. If you’re not used to heels, consider starting with a pair of standard ballroom shoes with a smaller heel. Additionally, there are several heel styles, including slender and flared heels. A popular choice since it gives you excellent stability is a flared heel. Men’s dance shoes come in two different heel heights: a 1/2″ heel for ballroom dancing and a 1.5″ Cuban heel for Latin dancing.


Choosing shoes in a size lower than usual might be essential to achieve a perfect fit that provides you with appropriate support. The shoe is fine if you can’t move your foot. However, that does not imply that it should hurt. Aside from that, remember that dancing shoes are infamous for significantly stretching. It’s common to buy shoes made in Italy and the UK. However, your salesperson can adjust to your American size if necessary. Review the website’s sizing chart before placing an online order.


You may need to buy another ideal pair of shoes much sooner than you would want if you don’t handle your shoes appropriately or keep up with maintenance. Try storing your shoes in their original box or under similar circumstances, away from extreme temperatures and most definitely away from bad weather. When traveling between shows, bring a different pair of cozy shoes. But it’s essential to remember that even the best dance shoes have a limited lifespan. Therefore, it is wise to buy two or more pairs of a particular shoe so that you can alternate between them rather than giving one pair of shoes all the work.

Even if it may seem like an uphill task, the ideal pair of standard ballroom shoes is out there. Following the advice above is all you must do to locate them.

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