How To Make Your Veterinary Staff Feel Engaged

Updated on November 12, 2021
How To Make Your Veterinary Staff Feel Engaged

As a veterinarian, it’s your responsibility not only to take care of your patients but to take care of your staff as well. If you run a clinic or practice with low staff morale, it’ll quickly influence the overall quality of care at your clinic. It is vital to your success that your staff feels engaged and passionate about their work. Maintaining positivity isn’t always easy, though. Here, you’ll learn how to make your veterinary staff feel engaged.

Recognize Achievements

People appreciate when they’re recognized for the good work they do. Too many people go home every day feeling like no one paid attention to them despite all the hard work they did.

As a leader, you must compliment members of your staff about specific achievements. When you do so, the staff member will feel more engaged and increase their productivity. Over time, other team members will feed off their positive energy, and you’ll see an overall boost in efficiency.

Have Your Team Set Goals

Team members feel appreciated if you push them to their full potential. To that end, one of the ways how to make your veterinary staff feel engaged is to challenge them to set their own goals. Maybe they want a role leading other team members, maybe they want to volunteer on the weekends, or maybe they want to pick up another certification. Whatever their goals, as a leader you should be ready to encourage them every step of the way.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Your team members will lose their engagement entirely if they get burnt out. Give them regular opportunities to take time away from work. Veterinary leaders know that mandatory vacations are extremely important for the overall well-being of their staff. Encourage their interests outside of work and be flexible with their time off.