How to Make the Best App Explainer Video

Updated on August 1, 2022

Explainer videos are a great way to introduce customers to your app or website. They explain the purpose of the product, demonstrate how it works, and show why it’s important. The best app explainer videos make use of simple language and relatable characters who represent different types of users.

Start with the script

Your script should be written from the user’s perspective. To write an effective script, you need to understand what your audience thinks and feels about your company, product or service. This will help you create a voice for your explainer video that accurately reflects the brand identity.

Use a conversational tone. Your script shouldn’t read like a lecture or an advertisement, but rather like someone talking directly to the viewer. People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold something; they want to feel engaged with something that interests them and makes sense in terms of their lives. By using casual language (think about how people actually talk), you can help make sure that happens!

Don’t use jargon or industry-specific terminology unless it’s absolutely necessary for understanding what your video is about (and even then, try not too). If there are words in your explainer video that don’t typically appear outside of corporate boardrooms or research labs—words like “innovation” and “synergy”—you might want to rethink their inclusion because most people won’t understand what they mean anyway!

Explainer videos are used in many industries, and many purposes

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Explainer videos are used in many industries, and many purposes. They are used to promote products, services, and brands. They’re also used to explain how a product or service works.

Explainer videos are most commonly used by the marketing departments of companies that want to get their name out there and increase brand awareness. But they can also be utilized by all sorts of organizations: non-profits use them as fundraising tools; educational institutions use them as part of their lesson plans; governments use them for policies and procedures; tech companies utilize explainers when introducing new products or services; healthcare providers incorporate explainer videos as part of patient education materials when introducing a new program or procedure.

App explainer videos are used to promote products and services. Apps have become an integral part of our lives, and they’re only getting more popular as time goes on. In fact, there are currently over 2 million apps available in the App Store. This has led businesses to recognize that consumers want more information about products before making a purchase decision—and one of the best ways to do this is through video content.

Medical apps have become increasingly common in healthcare. In Britain, there are over 90,000 medical apps available to doctors and patients. Almost any medical specialty can be found on your phone. It has also been estimated that between 40-80% of physicians use mobile medical apps; these include everything from diagnostic aids to decision support.

Medical app explainer videos have the potential to transform healthcare by making it easier for doctors to make informed decisions, while also increasing patient engagement. These videos can take many different forms, but they all have one thing in common: they help doctors and patients better understand medical information.

Choose a character that your audience can identify with

Your characters are the faces of your brand, so they need to be relatable and easy to understand. You want them to have depth, but not too much that it’s difficult for your viewer to relate with them. The best characters are those who can make an audience feel as if they know them personally, or at least know someone like that character in real life.

Choose a character that your audience can identify with.

A good example is Apple’s iconic line of computers: Macs! They chose one specific type of person (the creative) and showed how this computer will fit into their lifestyle. This approach makes it easier for viewers to imagine themselves using or owning this product than if they had just shown different types of people using their various features together in various settings without any connection between them at all because then everyone would have been imagining themselves differently while watching the same video–and why? Because no one knows what other people think when they watch ads online; only what we think ourselves!

Walk through your product’s problem-solving process

One of the most powerful ways to explain your app is by walking through its problem-solving process. In other words, you need to show how your product works and how it benefits the user, the business and even the environment.

A great way to do this is by using a storyboard or flowchart. A storyboard is simply a series of images that illustrate what happens when someone uses your app or website. You can use this as an outline for your video script, so it’ll be easier for you to write out all the points in one go rather than having them scattered across multiple slides or documents.

Use simple, relatable language

When you’re writing your script, use simple language. Keep it relatable and accessible to your audience. Use simple words and phrases that everyone can understand. If you want to get fancy with the vocabulary, be sure to explain any new terms in a way that makes sense for everyone—whether you’re using a technical term or slang from another country.

Show diverse users and locations when possible

Showing diverse users and locations can be a good way to show that your product is for everyone. Diverse users are likely to be more relatable than the stereotypical, generic user shown in other explainer videos.

As part of your creative process, think about how you want to represent people in your video. For example, do you want to represent a wide range of ages? Do you want to show both genders? Do you want to portray different races or ethnicities? Do all of these things together if possible! If it’s not possible for whatever reason, just make sure there’s some diversity present somewhere (even if it’s just one person).

Don’t be afraid to use humor

Humor is a great way to engage your audience and make them feel like they are part of the story. You can tell jokes, or you can use humor in a more subtle way (think The Office). But whatever you do, don’t be afraid to have fun! If you think it’s going to work for your audience, who cares if someone else thinks it’s cheesy?

You should also consider using humor as a way to make your audience feel like they’re part of the solution. Think about dog food commercials where they show people talking about how hard their dogs work every day and how much they love them—that stuff works because it makes us believe that we can help our pets accomplish their goals just by buying some food.

Keep the motions simple and clear

When it comes to motion, the key is to use it sparingly. The more you use, the harder it is for your viewer to focus on what you want them to see and hear.

In fact, a study by Ipsos MediaCT found that “39% of people surveyed said they were distracted by too many animations in an online video*.”

So how do you make sure that your explainer video doesn’t fall into this category?

One place where motion can be helpful is when showing a user’s journey through your product or service. This can give viewers a visual representation of what they’re about to learn about—and help them feel like they’re part of something bigger than just themselves alone!

The best app explainer videos are clear, simple, and relatable

The best app explainer videos are clear, simple, and relatable. They can be used to communicate complex concepts, products, services, processes and ideas. An explainer video is an effective way to introduce your product or service in an engaging manner that helps viewers understand how it works. In this article we’ll cover how you should go about creating a great explainer video for your business or brand.

An explainer video is a short-form video that explains what a company does or why you should buy their product/service as fast as possible. Explainer videos can help businesses make sure their products are understood by potential customers by explaining everything about the product in less than two minutes (or 90 seconds).


When you’re making your explainer video, it’s important to remember that you are telling a story. You want to make sure that the audience sees themselves in your character and understands how they can relate to the problem being solved. It may sound like a tough job, but with these tips from our experts, it’ll be a breeze!

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