How to Insert and Remove Period Cups?

Updated on September 18, 2022
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Menstrual or period cups are flexible; reusable hygiene cups constituted of silicon or latex rubber and designed in a way that instead of absorbing menstrual flow they collect it in a cup. Whether you are new to the world of using period cups by switching from tampon or pads it’s an most intimidating question as how to insert and remove period cups feasibly and effectively. Don’t worry; we are here to provide you with the most feasible and easy methods of inserting and removing period cups effectively. 

What is a period cup and how does it works?

Period cups are reusable feminine hygiene products, made up of flexible latex rubber or silicon, used to collect period fluids as inserted into vagina instead of absorbing as they possess the shape of small funnel to catch fluid, ultimately discourage TSS. Apart from flexibility and reusable capacity, period cups can be worn over a longer period than traditional tampons because these cups can hold more menstrual fluid and also available online. On insertion into vagina, the cup immediately holds the vaginal walls, by making a seal with them, becoming a leak proof period fluid collector. So don’t waste your time just let them in your life.

How can you insert a period cup?

Don’t be fight shy of this little piece of flexible rubber! Practising can make it an easy, safe and environment-friendly tool to collect period fluid. You can achieve correct insertion of period cups by adopting following steps into guidelines. 

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Disinfection and cleaning before inserting it

Whether to use it for the first time or at the end of each cycle, it’s important to disinfect it. For sanitization, place the cup in the boiling water for 5-10 minutes, by not letting it rest at the bottom of the pot, it’s important to kill harmful bacteria before next use. Vagina walls encourage bacterial growth, in order to prevent it, disinfection is necessary. 

Selecting comfortable position

Don’t panic, selecting a comfortable position is as easy and safe as inserting a period cup for the first time, either you are a new practitioner or not aware of tampons usage as well. It is either a standing position, sitting or crouching posture, so it’s up to you, find the position which seems to be comfortable for you.  

Pick up your preferred folding practise

Don’t be pressurised, we will introduce you with best folding practices to ensure effective insertion of period cups. To make insertion convenient and worthwhile, you will require folding of the cup and letting it insert into vagina and ensure seal. Here are some folding tips that will surely help you. 

  • U-Fold (C-fold): Particularly for beginners, most recommended easier folding technique, a quick and feasible fold that you can practise one handed. 
  • 7-Fold: Very famous fold among young women and with those who felt difficulty in insertion, well known as Triangle fold. 
  • S-Fold: Especially needed for larger cups, shape attained by folding it in a flat position and then pushing the edges into zigzag or S-shape. 
  • Pushdown fold: Easiest and popular folding technique creates the smallest area for insertion of your period cup into vagina. 

Ensuring there is no leakage in cup

Specifically assurance of no leakage will be brought up by ensuring proper and fit sealing of the cup. To circumvent leakage, it’s necessary to ensure the cup is fit and inserted appropriately. To ward off leakage, your cup has to be sealed and opened properly against the walls of vagina. After insertion makes sure the cup unfolded and sealed properly to prevent any leakage. 

You may get an error or some trial, but cup users get the thing to hang on promptly after a few cycles. 

How will I get to know the cup inserted properly?

You will get awareness easily as we are here to provide you tips for it as well, so be confident! After insertion if the cup is not felt, remains at one place, there is no leakage; it means that the period cup is inserted properly. In case you still have issues, you will check with sizing of period cups. 

How can you remove a period cup?

Carefully consider it; just like insertion of a cup, its removal is also a convenient and easy method by following some steps. Always start it with washing of hands and never try to pull down a step, or tug out the cup. 

Now as you know, period cups work on the basis of seal, so that seal you will have to break before pulling period cup out. First you will have to find a comfortable position sitting or standing as per your ease, then utilise your pelvic muscles for pushing period cup first down then out. All in all, practice is the best way to remove the cup out, as it effectively breaks the seal. Lastly you can use your fingers to gently press down the period cup for its comfortable removal. Removed cup then carefully taken out and period fluid dropped into the toilet. 

Perhaps you select period cups considering them environmental-friendly, reduced cost, a feasible and safe way, it will take several trials and errors before you are awared to it well. Don’t let it intercept you from using that game changer in the menstrual world! 

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