How to Help Your Dental Patients Be More Comfortable at Their Appointment

Updated on July 2, 2020

If you are a dentist, then you are very likely aware of the fact that there are a significant number of people out there who are truly afraid of visiting the dentist. Dental anxiety is a real condition that affects a significant number of people. Ultimately, while there is not much you can do if someone refuses to go to the dentist, there are ways in which you can help patients of yours who suffer from dental anxiety feel more comfortable at their appointment. 

Any dentist looking to become better at helping patients cope with their dental anxiety, here are a few things you can do to achieve that goal.

Create a Relaxing Environment

First impressions mean so much, a fact that goes for the state of your offices as well. Even if you have a calm demeanor, if your offices aren’t designed in such a way as to make them inviting and comfortable, then you are missing out on the possibility of helping your patients feel relaxed right when they walk through the door. This is why practices like take measures to make sure that their offices are designed in such a way as to set their patients’ minds at ease.

Start by choosing colors for the design of your offices that are calming, like blues and lavenders. Keep the walls free from clutter and the space clean and tidy. You should consider adding a calming water feature like a fish tank or small fountain to add a calming element that patients find soothing. 

Use the Latest Technology

Like all other fields of medicine, advancements in the technology used for dental treatment are always evolving. Newer equipment can potentially result in reduced levels of pain for patients being treated. Not only can you provide your patients with better care, but treatments can be administered in ways to make them more comfortable and less painful. Aside from newer equipment, though, other types of technology can come in handy too.

For instance, by implementing the latest EMR technology, you can make it easier to pass along and receive referrals to your dental practice. An easier referral process for you means simpler access to treatment for your patients, and the cloud-based management of your practice can help keep things running smoothly. By making every aspect of getting dental care simpler for patients who are afraid, you can help make them feel more at ease and comfortable with the overall process. 

Become an Excellent Communicator

One thing that can truly help your patients become more comfortable with receiving the dental care they need is your ability to communicate with them. Some patients will feel better knowing what is going to happen ahead of time, so you should offer to have a conversation before the appointment begins to explain the treatment they will be receiving. Others will feel more comfortable talking through the appointment as it is happening. Letting them know what is coming and what discomfort they can expect can really help alleviate anxiety.

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