How To Extend the Life of Your Lab Equipment

Updated on March 2, 2021
How To Extend the Life of Your Lab Equipment

Putting together a lab is expensive, and it does not get cheaper as pieces of equipment wear down or break. In addition to the expense, it is a hassle to constantly replace the items in your lab. You can find a more efficient way to run your operation. If cutting costs are on your mind and you need to know how to extend the life of your lab equipment, follow these simple tricks.

Maintain Your Lab Equipment

Performing regular maintenance on your lab equipment is the best way to ensure each piece is in excellent condition. You can create a schedule to ensure you are checking on your equipment at regular intervals. Read the care instructions that come with your lab tools and use these instructions to build and properly install each piece.

You’ll want to address problems as soon as they arise. In addition to regular maintenance, you may need to bring in a specialist to repair something in your lab. A professional technician can tune up your equipment and make sure it is running accurately.

Keep Your Lab Equipment Calibrated

Part of maintenance is performing calibration. Most lab equipment relies on precision and accuracy. Professional services can ensure that your equipment is properly calibrated so that you can collect specific data. Regularly calibrating your equipment can help prevent replacements of expensive scales, balances, and meters.

Clean Your Lab Equipment

Keeping lab tools and equipment clean is one of the best ways to extend the life of your lab equipment. When equipment becomes dirty, it is often less effective and must be replaced sooner. Cleaning HPLC columns, test sieves, test screens, and microscopes daily is a best practice for most labs.

Another way to extend the life of a piece of lab equipment by cleaning it is to try refurbishing it. To refurbish a tool, you will take it apart and clean each piece individually. The process restores the item to as close to new as possible.

You can extend the life of your lab equipment with some time and care. Make a schedule, set reminders, and book appointments with professional services. Keep investing in your lab to ensure that it runs efficiently.