How to Ensure the Data Room You Use Has Good Security

Updated on November 10, 2020

You can store and share documents in several ways, and the one you choose depends on what you want. If your documents are confidential, you may have to choose a virtual data room to safeguard their security. You will find several data rooms offering the same services, but how do you select the one with adequate security? Here is how. 

Individual Restriction 

In as much as virtual data rooms promise you the same thing, they do not all function the same way. You have to go for the one that meets your needs. If you need your documents viewed only by specific individuals, you will get it. 

Some companies provide data room security that limits the number of people who can view your documents. They also have a feature that restricts individuals from viewing parts of documents you do not want them to see. Therefore, when users access the document, they only see what you allow them to see.

You will have control of your documents as well as the viewers. A data room that offers such restriction is the one to choose as you can be sure no third parties will access it. 

Digital Rights Management

You may have highly sensitive information, and as such, you may have to look for a company that offers you digital rights management. With this, you can control your files so that anyone who accesses them cannot edit, print, or forward information to other users.

Your documents’ safety is critical, and you do not want to entrust it to a data room that does not pay attention to it. 

HIPAA Compliant 

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is responsible for ensuring that data centers protect their clients’ information, and only authorized individuals can access it. The virtual data room you choose should be HIPAA compliant. If HIPAA has conducted an audit on a data center and approved of it, then you can trust it with your documents. 

Such a center prevents any unauthorized access and network threats to any of your records. The HIPAA IT personnel do alert data centers if there is any unauthorized access to their servers. In case a disaster occurs at the data center, you can be sure that your information is safe and can get recovered thanks to HIPAA’s disaster recovery plan. 

Two-Factor Password Verification

A data room that will store your most important documents needs to assure you of their security. One way to determine if it is the right company to entrust your information with is two-factor password authentication. Having a username and password for users to access documents is not enough security.

With so many hackers attempting to lay hands on the most confidential information, you need to have the right safety. The verification process makes it harder for third users to access your files since they have to provide a code sent to the account holder’s name via phone or email. In this way, if you receive a code without you trying to access the files, you can reset the account to avoid the intruder from attempting to log in.

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