How to Create the Perfect Promo Video

Updated on August 1, 2021

A promo video is created for the purpose of online promotion of commercial products. This would help in its better reach after launch, and the target group will get to know its features and USP before the launch. To create a promo video, it is better to use the latest promo video maker software like InVideo, with plenty of filters, effects, and templates to choose from. Adding the latest feature of a product in the promo video and helping the audience understand why this stands out to be a unique choice. 

Let us explore some of the requirements for creating promo videos and the prerequisites for the same. When creating it the first time, it is better to use the latest video creating software that is feature-packed and makes editing a lot easier. The promo video should create interest and sales among the target group. 

Things to consider for creating a promo video

· The goal of the video

The simple purpose is to get more people to purchase and sign up for the product. Depending on the elements used, it can bring in more customers, boost conversion rate, boost sales funnel, and get high return customers with the right use of the video. 

· CTA of promo video

A video without CTA or a short one isn’t that effective in bringing the target group’s attention. The CTA needs to influence the purchase decision, compelling customers to take action after watching the promo for sure. The video should give reasons enough for the act. 

· Direction of video

You should shape the video right and try offering a solution at the end of the video. Focus on the target group through the product demonstration. When preparing for an unboxing video, it should be worth knowing the feature of the product, and it should be alluring enough. Try to maintain the right direction in the video, and so, it is better to decide for it from the beginning. 

Features of a good promo video

· Create like teaser

Try to create a promo video like a teaser, with a glimpse of features, without unfolding the whole of it and keeping the suspense. Besides, include catchy sound and title for the best of effects. 

· Do not add too many graphics.

A visual call to action works great, but you should not overdo it. Whether it is a discount code or event that you are disclosing in the video, try to make it interesting to better retain the customers’ attention. 

· Stay focused on the plot. 

If it is a video promotion, stay focused on the plot from the beginning for suitable results. Be sure about what the guests will experience. However, they should gather a suitable idea about the product or service from the promo video. 

· Share on social media platforms.

If you want an enhanced reach of the promo video, try to create versions of it for different social media platforms. Try with alternate edit options to feed customers on different platforms and avoid being repetitive. 

· Use promos for business

You need not have a deal to use the promo video for video. Therefore, it is important to start using the video for business purposes and let the customers know about it. The teaser-like video will showcase an aspect of the brand and let the target group know about it in detail.  

What is the need for a promo video?

Promo videos are a great option to promote the service or product of your business and understand the perspective of future customers. When offering discounts or coupons, the video can make one happy, and they would love to choose your brand over others. Customers always want to watch videos and know the product in detail about the brand they like. Other than knowing about discounts, it would help them gather better about the brand and get reasons to choose it over rest available in the market. 

Therefore, promo videos are a creative and fun way to convey the brand message to the target group. It helps focus on sensitive information that grasps customers’ attention and helps boost the memory better. The discount or the teaser videos are to grab the attention of the customers more than anything. Try to create the video in the best and fun way possible with a strong CTA to influence the customers’ purchase decision. 

Important elements to include in the video 

· Choose the length right 

Have you decided on video length? Choosing the video length right is important, and accordingly, you can choose the elements to include in it. Do not include unnecessary ideas as it should look like a teaser, holding the suspense for the customers till the end. 

· Answer one question in the video

Even if you are tempted to disclose everything about the product, do not do so; instead, answer one frequently asked question. It would be informative for the customers who would consider purchasing from your brand over the rest. Try focusing on one crucial aspect of the product to make it easy for the viewers to focus on. 

· Make the viewer valued. 

Make viewers valued and feel something about the brand. The video should feel like they are valued and do not make a boring one. Try to focus on the benefits that users would get by investing in it. Also, focus on the pain of the viewers for not choosing your product. Try to show some of the benefits in the teaser and help them decide on the right option. 

The Final Part 

The video should be such that it boosts brand recognition, increases the viewer and establishes a deep connection with increased social media shares. Most importantly, it should drive in more sales for the business and maintain a good market position. So, when facing a challenge to create the promo video, try to use the latest tools with a feature that would make the task of video creation an easy one. The features would add the much-required professional touch and make it stand out from the rest. The elements in the video should attract the attention of the customers of the target group. 

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