How to Build a Modern Website for Your Therapy Practice

Updated on August 3, 2022

As a therapist, you know that your practice website is one of the most important tools for attracting new clients. It’s also an excellent way to showcase your experience and qualifications. So, how can you build a modern and user-friendly website for your therapy practice? Let’s find out. 

Have a Detailed List of Therapists

Your website should have a detailed list of therapists. This will help your clients find the therapist that matches their needs and allow you to showcase your staff.

You might want to consider including:

  • Specialties (e.g., trauma therapy, eating disorders, etc.)
  • Years of experience in practice or education (e.g., licensed since 2013)
  • The type of training they’ve received (e.g., Master’s Degree in Social Work)
  • Their contact information (email, phone number, address)
  • Availability (e.g., by appointment only) 
  • Location (e.g., therapists at the California branch of your practice, therapists in the Ohio branch)

Show Option to See Which Therapists are Free to Take Clients

It can be very convenient for clients to be able to see which therapists are available to take them on a first come, first serve basis. You can easily do this by creating a page that lists all of your therapists along with the days and times they are available for sessions, as well as the days that any particular therapist is not available for sessions.

It’s also helpful if you can show clients how many slots of each type (morning, afternoon, evening) each therapist has open in their schedule. For example: “Dr. Smith is taking clients Monday through Thursday from 10 am-10 pm at her office location in San Diego and West Hollywood. She also offers phone therapy sessions on Friday from 8 am—8 pm PST.”

Most practice websites simply put up a tab on top of the therapist’s profile to show their availability. You will see something similar on most websites when you try to find a therapist in California. The availability is shown here by simply telling visitors whether or not the therapist is available to accept new clients. It also says whether they are accepting clients online, in-person, or both.

Option for Texting with Therapist or Their Assistant

Another way to make it easier for clients to communicate with you is through texting. You can set up texting as an option, and this is something that many therapists and their assistants prefer. In addition to being more convenient for your client and therapist, it’s also more convenient for the people who work in therapy practices.

Clients don’t need to wait around for appointments or worry about showing up late because they were held up by traffic or other circumstances outside of their control. They can text and inform the therapist or their assistant of the situation through the web portal. This means less time wasted waiting around in offices, which means less stress on both parties.

Option to Show Nearby Branches of Your Practice

If you’re a therapist or psychologist, this is a great way to encourage clients to visit your office. If you have multiple offices, show them all on the same page so that potential patients can easily see what services are available in which areas.

You can also use this as an opportunity to highlight which locations offer free appointments or those with the most staff members who speak languages other than English. This is something you can do if you have therapists who specialize in different forms of therapy and are located in various parts of the city or state. 

Have a Virtual Waiting Room

A virtual waiting room option for online clients is a great way to increase your practice’s efficiency. This feature will allow you and your therapists to know exactly when a patient is ready to see them, as well as provide the opportunity for patients to book appointments online.

Have the Option to Sort Therapists

When someone is looking for a therapist, your goal is to find someone with the right experience and personality. That’s why it’s important to be able to sort therapists based on their experience or specialty. Here are some of how this could be done.

  • Sort by experience: How many years of experience does your ideal therapist have? Is there a certain number of years that you would like them to have? If so, you can use this feature to find those therapists who are already closer to reaching that level of expertise.
  • Sort by location: Where do most people in your area live? If it’s too far away from where they live now, they may not be interested in making regular appointments with them anyway. It might save everyone time if they just looked somewhere else instead!
  • Sort by specialty: What kind of therapy do these therapists specialize in? This could help narrow down search results, so we know exactly what type will work best when looking at the therapists listed.

It’s important to remember that your website is the first impression that potential clients have of you and your practice. So, take the time to make it right. 

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