How To Better Manage Your Employees – Essential Tips, Tricks And Tools

Updated on May 7, 2023
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Do you own a business and are looking for ways to better manage your employees? This can include all kinds of areas such as staffing, the organization within the workplace, sales, customer relations, production, and more. Managing employees is no easy task and it’s something that business owners can struggle to find balance with. With that said here’s a look at some essential tips, tricks, and tools that can help you become a better manager and therefore lead a more productive workforce.

Work on Your Leadership and Communication Skills

It’s very easy to point to employees as being the issue and that they need to work harder and better. And while that could be the case, often it comes down to management. What’s your management style? Are you the kind of manager that inspires your employees and can bring out the best in them? And what are your communication skills like?

Chances are both your leadership and communication skills could do with a bit of tweaking and even some improvement. A strong manager leads by example so whatever you’re exuding to your employees is what you’ll get back. It’s important to create the kind of workplace where employees feel comfortable talking to you or their supervisor, feel motivated to share ideas, know they will be recognized for hard work, and where employees are treated fairly.

Have You Created a Workplace Where Employees Can Thrive?

Now it’s time to ask yourself if you’ve created the kind of workplace where employees can thrive. Do they have the tools, equipment, resources, help, training, and guidance needed to do their job properly and well? You may be putting too high expectations on them when you haven’t armed them to do the job.

Get Better Control Over Staff Schedule and Time Tracking

A big issue for many small to medium-sized businesses is staff scheduling and time tracking. Both of these issues can lead to overspending on human resources if not properly managed and tracked. For example, if you’ve ever made the mistake of overstaffing or over-lapping a shift, then you understand the cost it incurs and how unnecessary it is. This is where staff schedule software can prove essential. All employees can have access, changes will show up in real-time, you can approve hours, get an alert if there is an overlap in shifts, and so forth.

This type of software can also include employee time-tracking capabilities that give you even more control when it comes to management and organization. You want to be sure the business is properly staffed, but that employees are also punching in/out as required, and you may wish to approve hours.

Watch the Results Come Pouring In

By making some small changes, enhancing your management style, working on your communication skills, and embracing digital tools, you’ll likely find there is a huge improvement in the workplace. Employees will be clear on their roles, be able to better do their job, and you’ll see productivity and happiness increase.

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