How to Better Cope with Male Hair Loss

Updated on November 22, 2022

Growing old is something everyone hopes to be able to do, but once you start aging it can also affect how you look and ultimately feel about yourself. For men, hair loss is a common trait of aging, with some men losing hair quite early in adulthood and others not seeing any significant thinning until well into their golden years. No matter your age thinning hair and hair loss can be difficult to cope with, even leaving you feeling self-conscious. 

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If this sounds familiar, here are some tips that can help you to better cope with male hair loss.

Cosmetic Fixes Can Be Quick and Easy

If you don’t want to get too involved in addressing your hair loss and you just want a quick and easy “fix”, then there are cosmetic solutions you can use. The first is the most obvious, which is to wear a toupee or full wig. Be sure to get one made from natural hair so it looks real. It should also be the same color as your natural hair color.

For those who just have a few thinning spots, a scalp spray could be all you need. Choose a color that matches your hair and then carefully spray the product on your scalp in the thinning areas. It gives the illusion of fuller hair and will last until you wash it out.

Another cosmetic fix is to try a different haircut or style, that could be all it takes to create a noticeable difference.

Switch Shampoos – Make Sure There is No Residue

Because you want your scalp to be healthy and ensure hair follicles aren’t blocked, it may be wise to switch shampoos. You want a clarifying shampoo that is lightweight and doesn’t leave build-up. Look for a shampoo that claims to add volume, is meant for thinning hair, and is nourishing.

Vitamins Can Help – Know Which Ones to Take

There are also some vitamins and supplements that can help maintain a healthy scalp and promote hair growth. The important ones to try are omega-3 and 6 and biotin. Just be sure you follow the instructions and don’t take too much.

What About Hair Restoration Treatment?

Maybe you have heard of hair restoration treatment or therapy, which is a non-surgical procedure that uses your blood to promote hair growth on the scalp. This treatment is growing in popularity in many countries with PRP for hair loss in Vancouver and other big cities becoming much more mainstream. Typically it takes a few visits or sessions to see results. You’ll then be recommended to have touch-ups done about once a year.

The procedure itself is safe and there is no recovery time, unlike with hair transplants. It’s normal for some mild discomfort or tingling during the procedure, and that can linger for up to three days following the sessions. It’s best to book a consultation so you can discuss if you’d be an ideal candidate and if so, what sort of results you could expect.

There Are Solutions Out There

If hair loss is something you are coping with and having a very hard time accepting, then these tips are bound to be useful.

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