How to Alleviate Stress While Working

Updated on October 9, 2022

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You spent all week writing your notecards, editing your presentation, and rehearsing your speech in front of your cat. So, what’s got you sweating through your blazer?

The workplace is perhaps the most universal source of stress. We all want to make a good impression and produce quality work, and that can make the office an anxious environment. Here are some ways to alleviate workplace stress so you can go about your day with the resolution you deserve! 

#1 Declutter Your Desk

Sometimes the simplest steps are the best solutions. Unorganized desk space is a recipe (and a great metaphor) for mental clutter. Try out some neat tools to make your desk a minimalist zen garden:

  • Desk Organizer – A simple and effective organizer will keep those pens all in one place. Pick a style that fits your dream aesthetic. 
  • Cable Organizer –- The desktop isn’t the only area that needs organizational love. Collect messy computer cables and bring peace to your foot space.    
  • Filing Cabinets –- In today’s digital landscape, you can’t completely avoid paper in this digital world. For those necessary printouts, use a filing cabinet to clear them off of your desk.  

#2 Plan Vacations & Breaks

Dedication and years of commitment demonstrate your value as a worker. But too much work makes Jack a dull boy—or more likely, a stressed and unhelpful employee. Research shows that vacation isn’t just a luxury, it’s a healthy habit.

Having trouble stepping away from the desk? Unplug, unplug, unplug. Shutting off the 

screens will help your sleep, creativity, and stress levels.

And if vacation days are not yet part of your employment plan, don’t fret. It’s completely reasonable to ask for vacation time, so long as your request is professional.

#3 Make Technology Work for You

Technology can be a hindrance to stress relief (compulsively scrolling through Instagram after work, anyone?). However, there are a few digital tools engineered to promote inner peace. Download a few of these apps to bring instant stress relief to your fingertips:

  • Track Your Health – Suspecting that poor sleep quality might be leaving you down and anxious? Use a health-tracking app to get to the bottom of your body’s responses to stress. 
  • Time Management Apps – You click on one YouTube cooking video as a well-deserved break… only to look up and see two hours have passed by. Try out Time Camp to improve your time management skills.
  • Simple Games – Connect with your inner child, and try out a fun coloring app or some quick phone games to instantly relieve stress. 
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#4 Meditate

It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard it—regular meditation is proven to relieve stress. And before you scoff, know that numerous business leaders have used meditation to achieve their workplace goals.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. Staring at a wall and trying to “think nothing” are not the only ways to meditate. You can try out a meditation app for guided short-form sessions, or even do a simple breathing exercise for stress relief.

#5 Use Natural Supplements

Stress isn’t just a mental state, it also lives in the body. When you’re having a particularly stressful week, natural supplements can be a useful addition to your routine. Here are some of our favorite anxiety-relief aids:

  • Magnesium – This mineral is a clinically proven anxiety relief supplement. 
  • CBD – A popular supplement, CBD is getting praise for its multiple health aids, a major one being stress relief. If oil tinctures aren’t your thing, CBD pills are an excellent transportable form.
  • Tea – We live in a pro-caffeine society. But too much can possibly be stoking your anxiety. Instead, switch to an herbal tea for a soothing hot drink choice. 

Dharma at the Desk

Whether it’s for five minutes or five days, periods of conscious stress relief are necessary in the workplace. Keep these tips by your side, and you’ll be cool as a cucumber during that upcoming conference call. 

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