How The Healthcare Industry Can Benefit From Used Lab Equipment

Updated on April 3, 2020
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If you are going to set up a healthcare facility, you don’t always have to buy brand new lab equipment. It is possible to buy used lab equipment for various reasons, as long as the equipment itself is in good working condition and is sterile. Here is a list of ways that your healthcare facility could benefit if you choose to buy used lab equipment.

Save Money By Buying Used Lab Equipment

Reaping substantial savings is the biggest benefit when you opt to buy used lab equipment for your facility. This is because used lab equipment is priced much lower than first-hand equipment that has never been used. Scientists need to save money too, especially when they are working with a limited research budget. This would allow them to keep working without worrying that they will run out of funds for their research.

Avail of Different Kinds of Used Lab Equipment

Since used lab equipment comes in four different categories, namely, refurbished, remanufactured, reconditioned and “as-is”, you can take your pick as to which ones you prefer to buy for your healthcare facility.

  • Refurbished Lab Equipment – Equipment that is categorized as “refurbished” has been inspected by a certified technician. All of its parts were inspected and then replaced, when necessary.
  • Remanufactured Lab Equipment – this refers to equipment whose key parts were replaced. The equipment itself has been subjected to considerable product testing as well. It may also be sold under a warranty because it is already supposed to function as well as brand new equipment of that kind.
  • Reconditioned Lab Equipment – Technically, reconditioned lab equipment might not be deemed second hand because the product might never have been used at all. The original buyer may have simply decided not to buy it, or chose not to pay for it because the original container was open already upon delivery. To buy reconditioned lab equipment, you should make sure that it has been tested again by the manufacturer prior to delivery to your facility so that it has no defects.
  • “As-is” Lab Equipment – This is the riskiest of purchases because the seller does not guarantee the quality of the lab equipment. This means you may have to conduct an “on-site” inspection before you pay for it, just to be sure it is not defective. One risk that comes with this kind of equipment is that it may be on the verge of breaking down but was given cosmetic treatment so that it looks brand new. It takes an experienced technician to figure out if the equipment is going to be useful for a long time.
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Reap Profits When Buying Used Lab Equipment In Bulk

You will find that some sources of used lab equipment may be selling these equipment in bulk purchases so you will be able to get some good bargains this way. You can then sell the surplus equipment to other healthcare facilities that may need the same kind of equipment that you do. So you save money by buying second-hand equipment and you profit if you sell to other facilities.

Donate to Other Healthcare Facilities

If your facility has surplus lab equipment that you bought recently, you may opt to donate these surplus equipment to other healthcare facilities. This kind of charity benefits many people the right way since they won’t have to pay money just to acquire their own equipment. Just make sure the equipment you give away is of sound working condition and will still be serviceable for a long time.

Other Considerations When Buying Used Lab Equipment

  • Good Quality – It is always important to make sure that the equipment you will be buying is of good quality. You know that you need to have a warranty when buying equipment first hand – so that also applies to second-hand equipment because you will be offering a service to the public through your facility. The worst thing that could happen is that your equipment gives false results or breaks down when you are using it.
  • Level of Proficiency of Users – If you buy used lab equipment, it is important to buy the kind that your lab technicians know how to use. It would be frustrating to buy the kind of lab equipment that no one is knowledgeable in using. The name of your scientific research facility would be on the line all the time while that equipment is in use.
  • Compatibility With Other Previously Purchased Equipment – One reason it is so hard to find good equipment in sound working condition is that some equipment cannot be used in tandem with other forms of equipment. So you might be able to buy some equipment in great working condition but your search came up empty when you sought some other equipment that is also equally needed. This means you may need to buy second-hand equipment instead rather than keep searching for first-hand equipment compatible with your current purchase.
  • Reputation of Manufacturer Is On the Line – You really need to factor in the reputation of the equipment manufacturer when you buy lab equipment because some manufacturers already have a good reputation for making quality equipment that lasts long term. So rather than take a chance on brand new equipment from questionable sources, it may make sense to purchase second-hand lab equipment from a manufacturer that is known for its good products instead.

Final Thoughts

Although it would be nice if all healthcare facilities were able to buy their equipment first hand, in reality, there are times when you need to buy second-hand equipment for your facility. For one thing, you might be working on a tight budget so you cannot afford first-hand equipment or your known source of first-hand equipment might not have the kind of equipment you need. You might also be on a strict deadline so you need to buy equipment right away from the nearest available source. Just be sure that the used lab equipment you choose to buy will function excellently for the long term so that the reputation of your healthcare facility will not be compromised, for the sake of the patients depending on you.

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