How Technology Shapes Dentistry Future

Updated on January 9, 2022

Thanks to technology and its inventions, the world has become much more advanced than it used to be. It is not a secret that technology is the driving force behind the advancements experienced in several sectors of human life and activities today and in recent years. 

It has helped make life a lot easier by providing ways to complete tasks faster and more effortlessly. While some still struggle to catch up with recent technologies, others have already bought into the idea and are relishing the various benefits. Technology has, Indeed, come a long way to simplify human lives, and there is no doubt at all that it has come to stay.

The medical sector can be identified as one sector that has benefited immensely from modern technology and its inventions. Several new devices and machines have been introduced to protect lives and speed up healing processes. Also, different doctors owe most of their success in the medical world to the assistance they get from technology, and dentists are no exception. This article focuses on dentistry and modern technologies, especially as it concerns how technology is helping to shape the future of dentistry. Read on to discover more. 

What Is Dentistry?

Dentistry is generally known as the study of dental medicine and several ways to treat dental complications. Professional dentists, like Dr. Efron, have added that it also has to do with diagnosing and preventing oral diseases that threaten the body’s wellness. Well, it couldn’t get more accurate than that, as the entire oral cavity tends to often develop problems from time to time. 

A person who studies dentistry is called a dentist, and dentists are experts charged with treating oral diseases. They are also responsible for offering professional advice and consultancy to help people maintain healthy oral practices. 

Dentists are tested and trusted, and they have proven to be capable of tackling most oral problems and achieving good results. However, one problem that dentists have always faced in past years is the lack of sufficient equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Thankfully, everything has changed with the introduction of technology to dentistry. Now, dentists work more efficiently, and their jobs are a lot easier because of technology’s assistance.

How Technology Has Improved Dentistry  

We all know that technology has indeed left huge positive imprints on dentistry, and it has helped make the entire practice easier and safer than it used to be. But how exactly did technology influence modern dentistry? Of course, technology has influenced dentistry in more ways than one, but the most laudable are the several inventions introduced to better the act. Here are some of the most outstanding inventions.

  1. Digital dentures: A denture is a set of removable teeth introduced to replace missing or damaged teeth. Initially, getting a denture required a very stressful process that involved several visits to the dentist. Also, many tests and trials were necessary before the perfect denture was produced. But the introduction of digital dentures has helped make the process a lot easier. Now, computer-aided designs and manufacturing are used to scan the mouth and produce the perfect denture that fits within a short period.
  2. Dental lasers: The use of lasers in dentistry may sound intense, but it is quite the contrary. Lasers are used in modern medicine to diagnose and treat several complications, including oral health issues. The laser technology is used by dentists to perform gum surgeries, and it helps facilitate painless surgery. Also, there are rumors that lasers are poised to replace drills in treating oral cavity diseases.
  3. Smart toothbrush: The smart toothbrush is a stroke of genius that we are yet to get over, and it was invented with the help of modern technology. The smart toothbrush is a toothbrush with smart qualities that allows it to perform several tasks that include;
  • Monitor the way we brush and inform us of the best brushing techniques.
  • Notifies us of potential threats like diseases and infections.
  • Some smart toothbrushes have an alarm system that reminds us to brush and floss daily.
  • Examines saliva production and evaluates oxygen intake.
  • Provides us with entertainment as we brush our teeth.

Bottom Line

Indeed, technology has proven to be immensely helpful to the dental industry by providing several technological innovations that have birthed modern dentistry. Other inventions that have helped improve dentistry include tele-dentistry, 3D scanning, and printing, robotic dental, intra-oral cams, etc. 

Considering these brilliant introductions and several other factors, we can safely conclude that technology is really doing a lot to shape the future of dentistry. Indeed, you should take advantage of these developments for your oral benefit. You can do this by consulting your dentist on how best to adopt modern dental technologies. 

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