How Emotional Distress Factors into Your Injury Claim

Updated on January 22, 2020

Studies have shown that too much stress is unhealthy for your body. Constantly worrying about something has negative consequences and can lead you to an early grave if you’re not careful. There is a reason why vacations and other calming activities exist within our society to allow us the chance to decompress from our hectic lifestyles. 

However, what happens when you experience an accident that leaves you broken physically and mentally? Your accident could have begun and ended in the blink of an eye, and now you’re paying the price for someone’s negligence. This realization isn’t something that many people can quickly move past or pretend that it doesn’t impact their way of life. 

Whether many people want to admit it or not, emotional distress is something that plagues many victims of injury cases. Before turning to a Boise personal injury lawyer for help, you must understand how your emotional distress negatively impacts everything your life.

Contrary to popular belief, you can receive compensation for your emotional distress in an injury claim case. Your emotional turmoil should never go unnoticed within a court of law, and you deserve compensation for any harm done to your mental and emotional well-being. 

Losing Your Way of Life

Suddenly being hurt invites feelings of depression and anxiety into your life. It can be very tragic to lose your mobility. This terrible predicament hampers your way of life in multiple ways. You’ll no longer travel or enjoy the same physical activities that you once loved. 

Even simple actions, such as holding your baby or playing games with them, will become a hassle. You’ll continuously feel in pain and chained to your bed because your options will be minimal while you’re recovering from your injuries. 

Having your lifestyle impacted in such a drastic way is a very stressful situation for anybody. For months or even years, you’ll lose your ability to enjoy the actions you love. From lost wages to crippling debt, your injury has the potential to raise your stress to new levels. 

Treating Your Emotional Distress

Therapy is one of the healthiest ways you can manage your emotional distress. A trained and professional therapist will allow you the chance to cope with the trauma of your experience. There’s no way you can magically wish away your emotional distress. Speaking with a therapist allows you to discuss your emotions in a safe place. 

With no judgment whatsoever, your therapist will encourage you to display a vulnerable side of yourself. Countless other advantages can arise from visiting with a professional therapist, so never hesitate to visit one when suffering from emotional distress. 

How Much Can You Win for Your Emotional Distress?

In personal injury claims, there is no set amount for emotional distress compensation. Your potential payment depends on a variety of factors, and it’s better to allow your injury attorney to advise you on what a fair settlement would be for your emotional pain and suffering. 

However, generally, the more damage to your mental and emotional health, the higher the chance you’ll win a decent amount in your settlement. 

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