How can CBD and Nootropics help you to get laser-focused

Updated on July 13, 2021

The biggest challenge of today’s generation is the concentration issue. These are caused by different factors like cognitive and psychological disorders, over the effect of medical treatments, mentally overwhelmed issues like anxiety or over-excitement, etc. These issues either develop in a person, or they are hereditary and biological. It is pretty easy to solve the problem a few times, it is pretty easy to solve the problem, but this all process creates another issue of lack of concentration. Unbalanced diet, sleeping disorders, regular caffeine intake, and stress, are more common reasons behind lack of attention. 

However, there is no study on how lack of concentration occurs by any specific cause, and also, there is no fully reliable treatment available for this issue. These days, many drugs are available in the market that claim to get someone laser-focused in their tasks. But the most positive remarks are helped by CBD-containing products like oils, lotions, edibles, and other products. So, to understand the effect of these products, first, we should know what CBD is and how it works with your mental health.

What is CBD?

CBD means Cannabidiol. It is one of more than 60 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa Plant or a Hemp Plant. CBD is very effective in Cannabis in many health problems. 

However, there are many misconceptions about CBD, and one of those is that it causes a high. THC, i.e., Tetrahydrocannabinol, a cannabinoid product, is responsible for making a person high when he smokes Cannabis. CBD does not include any psychoactive components as THC does. CBD is most often used to relieve pain, reduce depression and anxiety, prevent heart problems and other mental issues. But the most significant advantage of CBD is that it helps to improve concentration and helps in being laser-focused. 

Other uses of CBD

CBD works for relieving pain, reducing depression and anxiety, and helps in getting focused. Still, along with that, it also helps in stress, insomnia, chronic pain, mood regulation, and many digestive disorders as well such as IBD (inflammatory bowel issues), blood sugar problems, cardiovascular issues, severe headaches, and many other challenging diseases and health-related issues. 

Legality of CBD

CBD is legal in many countries, and one of those countries where it is perfectly legal is the USA. In the USA, CBD is produced from Cannabis or hemp plants with 0.3% or less THC to minimize the side or ill effects of CBD. It is considered a myth that hemp plants contain THC, but it is not the truth. Hemp plants do not have that much THC, which can make you high, and thus, it was made legal in the USA in 2018.

CBD, which is obtained from Marijuana – Cannabis plants, contains more than 0.3% THC, which is why CBD is not considered legal in many countries of the world, along with India. However, CBD does not have any intoxicating effects of THC and Cannabis, but the legal status of CBD is a contentious issue all over the world. 

What is a Nootropic?

A substance is referred to as Nootropic when it meets five particular requirements, these are –

  1. It helps in sharpening the memory.
  2. It helps to enhance the personality even in non-ideal conditions.
  3. Protects if the brain faces some injury whether from chemical or physical means.
  4. Improving the control mechanism of the brain.
  5. The substance should have significantly fewer side effects and should be less toxic/

If any substance meets all the requirements mentioned above, then it is considered a Nootropic.

Why is CBD considered Nootropic?

Out of the wide range of health benefits of CBD, its cognitive performance makes it an excellent nootropic compound. The reason behind considering CBD as a nootropic is first that it meets all the prescribed requirements and second because of its wide range of cognitive health benefits. To curb the maladies like anxiety, depression, stress, CBD interacts with CB1 receptors of the brain.

CBD Nootropic Benefits

CBD is mainly found to protect the brain’s cells and relieve anxiety, depression, stress, and overpower insomnia. CBD works as the best way to boost your brain power, increase memory, and laser your focus. 

How CBD works with Brain Health and Mental Performance

The CBD Nootropic research is still in its early stage, so researchers have not yet got as many details about this. In the market, usually, CBD oils are available for this purpose. However, according to the study made to date, the nootropic benefits of CBD are the results of two fundamental mechanisms –

CBD and its cooperation with the Endocannabinoid system of the body

The ECS (endocannabinoid system) has receptors that help improve brain health and are activated by cannabinoids. The receptors work like a lock, and the cannabinoids, like their keys, fit into the waves and perform their relieving task. 

The ECS regulates a pretty good range of benefits. A few of those are appetite, digestion, metabolism, immune system function, anxiety, improving mood, fear and stress, memory and learning, pain, and sleep. 

Affecting other parts of the brain and central nervous system

According to the research work, CBD interacts with the brain in two ways –

Sometimes it is CBD. It is seen interacting with serotonin, a receptor that regulates mood, stress, anxiety, and other cognitive responses.

And sometimes, it has been seen interacting with opioid receptors that are involved in regulating pain. 

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