Updated on May 24, 2021

In the past few years, Instagram has become a powerful marketing and advertising platform. The casual style, global reach, and unlimited audience base make it a great way to promote your products and services. But not all Instagram accounts enjoy the immense profitability that this social media channel offers. It takes skilled marketing practices and advice to build a strong brand online.

So if you are searching for “social media marketing near me” on the internet and select Bigbangram to help you, you need to know what to expect from your side and how you are going to get it. Building a solid social media marketing plan is the first step to being successful in the digital space. According to these experts, an effective social media plan is one that:

You have a complete and up-to-date profile

To build a strong brand on Instagram, it is important that your profile includes a brief introduction about your company and other important details so that your target audience can communicate with you. These professionals say that customers trust companies with a strong profile on Instagram more than companies that let their audiences guess about them.

Upload original content in various formats.

Whether you manage your Instagram in-house or hire experienced social media management services, the content on your profile needs to be clear, relevant and engaging. Instagram users are exposed to hundreds of posts and ads every day. Hence your content needs to be unique in order to be remembered.

Upload different content styles instead of just one content type. Use a combination of images, multi-image slides, videos, etc. to surprise the audience with diverse messages. Similarly, to keep your feed and social media marketing up to date, consider using different layouts for your Instagram ads.

Does more than just selling products

Many social media management service providers often misinterpret social media posts as mere advertising. This way, the brand’s Instagram page is seen as a direct selling point to buy their products. Instead, consider uploading content that will add value to your audience. Present the product in a new way, e.g. For example, through videos with instructions and infographics, talk about its use or share general information about the product or other related products.

It’s quick and responsive.

Not only the content you post, but your participation and monitoring are equally important to ensure a strong brand on Instagram. Your target audience will likely get in touch with you through comments and direct messages. Take the time and effort to respond to your inquiries and see any positive engagement as an opportunity to grow your business.


If you are looking for a reliable agency to help you with your Instagram account, Bigbangram is one of the best platforms and agencies out there. They offer best practices and advice. When it comes to effective social media management services, originality and uniqueness are vital as audiences are exposed to hundreds of messages every day. Discuss this with these professionals and they will help you learn how to stand out for your brand on Instagram.

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