Home Tweaks for Senior Living is Not Just a ‘Phase’

Updated on February 7, 2019

“Aging in style” could be a trend to lure seniors to premier living at Providence Point, yet, in reality, it is a movement for those headed to retirement. In fact, architects are creating smart home technologies that are assisting with convenience and health monitoring, as well as socialization support, which are becoming more needed for daily living.

Staff of RLPS Architects, a full-service architectural and interior design firm, are continually attending conferences, referencing industry publications, consulting with industry experts and even conducting focus groups as research for new design options and features to help seniors age in style. RLPS Partner and architect, Jodi Kreider is most proud of the direction for seniors to sustain future comforts of living.

“This is a specialized team who works on a number of design strategies to create specific senior-friendly residences to promote long-term independence without compromising the residential design aesthetic,” said Kreider. “Post-occupancy reviews have indicated that most people prefer future adaptability over obvious, built-in accessibility features.”  For example, rather than automatically equipping showers with grab bars, RLPS designs the walls with extra blocking to support the addition of grab bars if needed in the future.

A few other examples of design features for successfully “aging in style” are roll-out drawers in kitchens for easier access, a touch faucet for the sink, or placing the microwave on the counter rather than over the stove which poses a safety risk when burners are in use.  Bathrooms are another concern for usage when aging. RLPS replaces tubs with showers that have a very low threshold for easy access and make use of slightly higher toilet height of 17 inches. 

Lighting is another big consideration, not just for glare issues. Providing layers of direct and indirect lighting supports aging eyes with gradual transitions between varying light levels and access to more light.  “it’s important to recognize that technology alone won’t allow someone with a wheelchair or other device to remain in their home longer if the home itself hasn’t been designed for accessibility,” said Kreider.

These are just a few options, along with the open, flexible floor plans designed to accommodate all sorts of living styles that are appealing to the 62+ resident who want to make Hamilton Tower at Providence Point their future address.  

About Providence Point 

Providence Point opened in the summer of 2009, setting the standard for senior living in our region. The state-of-the-art community, sponsored by Baptist Homes Society, was designed with today’s active and discerning senior in mind. Currently, Providence Point offers 23 different apartment floor plans and five types of patio homes. There are four dining venues, countless options for fitness and exercise, and many areas throughout the community to explore individual interests and hobbies. Residents can also take advantage of a calendar overflowing with cultural, educational, social and fun activities.

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