Henry Ford Health System to Set New Standard for Patient Care

Updated on March 16, 2018

Henry Ford Health System to Implement TE2’s Experience Management Platform to Elevate the Patient Journey

accesso Technology Group plc, the premier technology solutions provider to leisure, entertainment, cultural and hospitality markets has announced its first ever healthcare patient experience partnership with Henry Ford Health System, a long-term agreement which will utilize The Experience Engine (TE2) platform to redefine how digital experience management software can power a greatly improved journey for patients, patient families and caregivers. This strategic alliance is the first of its kind in the country.

TE2 is a comprehensive digital experience and personalization platform that provides enhanced and highly personalized experiences over a patient’s entire healthcare journey, including real-time content and services via smartphone, tablet or wearable device. Henry Ford will pilot the technology beginning in the fall of 2018, in preparation for a full multi-phase implementation to coincide with the grand opening of the Brigitte Harris Cancer Pavilion, the new destination center for the Henry Ford Cancer Institute, expected in 2020.

“This is unlike anything we’ve seen before in healthcare,” said Steven N. Kalkanis, M.D., Medical Director, Henry Ford Cancer Institute, and Chair, Department of Neurosurgery. “A cancer diagnosis and everything that comes with it can cause an unspeakable amount of stress for patients and families. A solution of this magnitude has the unparalleled potential to ease that burden and we are thrilled to join with Accesso to create an improved experience for our patients.”

The TE2 platform builds unique patient profiles compiled through both active and passive data collection, and can be integrated with electronic medical records. These profiles enable healthcare providers to offer a convenient and frictionless patient experience in real-time, with features such as:

  • Concierge service identifying the patient and family by name as they arrive
  • Real-time point of care and wayfinding support while inside Henry Ford facilities
  • Ability for patients to provide a list of care preferences and to order food during their stay
  • Smartphone medical bill and copay payments
  • Patient feedback and communication
  • Proximity alerts so family members know how their loved one is progressing through an appointment

“Our technology and devices have revolutionized the way we live our lives,” said Spencer Hoover, Henry Ford Health System’s Vice President & Executive Director of the Henry Ford Cancer Institute. “That’s what we’re creating here – a revolution in healthcare that, for the first time, combines unprecedented convenience with exceptional and personalized care. In Accesso and TE2, we have found committed colleagues that have brought the best of hospitality to healthcare.”

The technology is optional and is available to both patients and caregivers. Once the TE2  platform is fully implemented within the Henry Ford Cancer Institute, it will be expanded to other parts of the health system. Also part of the agreement, Henry Ford and accesso will work to develop new digital solutions to standardize care pathways, under a licensing agreement negotiated by Henry Ford Innovations, the multi-disciplinary team responsible for leveraging the health system’s intellectual property and licensing it worldwide for the development of new products, devices, therapies, and hospitals.

“It is the mission of Henry Ford Innovations to help identify and structure relationships with other outstanding innovators such as TE2 to advance the course of healthcare,” said Scott Dulchavsky, M.D., CEO of the Henry Ford Innovation Institute.

“We are thrilled to partner with Henry Ford Health System as we introduce The Experience Engine’s technology to the industry with the goal of significantly improving the standards of healthcare,” said Scott Sahadi, President of TE2. “This agreement illustrates Henry Ford’s commitment to being on the forefront of cutting-edge technology in the industry and their confidence in our product to elevate the patient experience and maximize efficiency.”

The technology and standardization developed by TE2 and Henry Ford Health System will be made available to other hospitals and health systems throughout the U.S. “When we can help bring to reality innovative solutions to better serve patients and care providers, both at Henry Ford and beyond, then we’ve truly accomplished that mission,” said Mark Coticchia, Henry Ford Health System Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer.


accesso is a public company, listed on AIM: a market operated by the London Stock Exchange.  For more information, visit www.accesso.com.  Follow accesso on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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