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Elder Health Requires Careful Management

Health complications compound for those experiencing advanced age. There are a variety of reasons for this. For one thing, at a physical level, bodies start to break down over time. At the end of human DNA strands is something called telomerase, which is expressed in telomeres. Telomeres act like tape at the end of a shoestring, but for DNA.

Essentially, DNA breaks down with time. After a few years, it’s going to be much less integral than it was when a person was younger. One of the main things that breaks down DNA is stress. When someone is stressed, this impacts telomerase, and the body’s ability to rebuild diminishes over time.

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Whenever there is a cut or a bruise, the body naturally prepares itself. This is built into the DNA of a person. However, as age comes, little injuries take longer and longer to heal. Telomerase has begun to break down, and the DNA no longer has the same level of integrity it once did.

This is one reason many seniors tend to get sicker easier and stay sicker longer. Their bodies aren’t functioning as well as they used to. While the process of aging can be managed and delayed, there’s no way to totally get around it. Not yet, anyway. However, especially for those seeking healthcare solutions in later life, there are options.

Testing Considerations

One of the first things that should be done is a battery of basic tests. At a certain age, individuals get a physical which helps to determine if there are any conditions common to that age which should be addressed before said individual’s body is too old. Plenty of jokes exist about proctology exams, but such things can prevent cancer from killing a person.

Well, there are other tests that aren’t nearly so invasive but can be similarly important for overall health. For example, the ears, nose, and throat of an individual. Cancers can develop, but more often than not, what happens over time is that natural “wear and tear” from life reduces the overall functionality of such bodily components.

Accordingly, if a senior citizen were to acquire an illness, it could very easily compound owing to the already declining condition of certain body parts. It could be worthwhile for those in advanced age to have existing cranial organs examined through solutions like hearing tests at Apex Audiology.

When illness occurs, it can also be worthwhile for seniors to seek specific practitioners as a means of handling sickness. Pneumonia is one of the biggest killers of the elderly, and it often develops as something that compounds from other issues. For example, an elderly person may contract influenza, and owing to a decline in their immune system, it could stick around.

Complications From Influenza

When influenza sticks around too long, the illness “moves” to the lungs, which become full of fluid, and so pneumonia develops. This is the big killer. Ear Nose and Throat, or ENT, practitioners can help determine how advanced illness is, and specific actions worth taking to prevent it. Options like these ENT doctors in Waterbury can be key in senior health.

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Something else worth considering for those of advanced age is well-known to most people, regardless of their age, who are serious about personal health: diet, and exercise. Anyone who wants to flourish in a healthy way should eat the right foods and exercise regularly. That “target” shifts for those who are more elderly.

Someone in their sixties or seventies likely won’t have the ability to run for two or three miles on a treadmill every day. However, they might be able to walk that distance, and bodily benefit can be comparable. Accordingly, a big part of senior health will involve regularly exercising the body, and giving it the food it needs for maximum health.

Finding The Best Healthcare Solutions For Seniors

No individual enters life with an exit date hewn in stone. Perhaps such dates exist in the metaphysical beyond; however, in this life, while human beings are conscious, the end can’t be seen from the beginning. What can be seen are straightforward obstacles; like illness, or bad lifestyle choices.

Healthcare solutions for seniors worth seeking will give the elderly access to necessary practitioners who have specialties in varying areas of the body, and provide clear advice into lifestyle choices as well as diet. Additionally, such options will give seniors access to exercise options and proper nutrition; or at the very least, clear advice for the best-associated outcomes.


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