Healthcare Pay Gap Persists Across States

Updated on May 7, 2023

Vivian Health, the leading jobs marketplace that serves healthcare professionals first, supports salary transparency and has been ahead of the curve when it comes to pay visibility in healthcare. In a new data analysis, Vivian Health reveals healthcare salary data from states that currently don’t have salary transparency requirements in place to empower healthcare workers to make informed career decisions and highlight the differences across the nation.

In the last 30 days (as of April 11, 2023), the hashtag #salarytransparency has had 31 million U.S. views on the video platform TikTok and 437 million views in the last year. An analysis of Google search data also shows that U.S. searches for “salary transparency” are up 309% in the last year as market dynamics continue to be the route candidates across the nation use to educate themselves on the most pay-competitive roles in healthcare. Currently, only seven states have any type of transparency law in place, leaving 43 states across the nation where healthcare workers have no rights to salary information or data prior to application.

The analysis revealed the significance of pay transparency, highlighting some key discrepancies in salaries between states with transparency laws and those without. For example, the data showed a Respiratory Therapist in Maryland is paid 144% more an hour for the same role in Montana and a travel X-Ray Technician in Wisconsin earns 58% more a week than the same role in Rhode Island, roles that are equally important in both states.

“Pay transparency helps healthcare employers develop stronger, more trusting relationships with potential employees,” commented Parth Bhakta, CEO of Vivian Health. “This trust helps reduce friction in the healthcare hiring process and enables both candidates and employers to more easily find relevant matches, significantly speeding the time-to-hire and reducing the cost-to-hire.”

“As the largest transparent marketplace for healthcare hiring, at Vivian Health, we want to make all types of healthcare jobs more accessible to healthcare professionals, and we want to help the people who hire them to close the shortages in healthcare labor more quickly and more cost-effectively.”

You can find a more extensive list of travel and staff salaries from states that don’t declare salaries in Vivian Health’s Healthcare Salary Transparency Guide.

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