Health care providers: How do they lead from the front?

Updated on January 15, 2021

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Healthcare professionals have to work in a highly dynamic environment. Alongside working excessively for hours to provide care for patients, healthcare workers also have to take safety, cost, and quality into account. However, individual workers aren’t able to perform these tasks on their own. Therefore, healthcare workers tend to take on tasks by working in teams. However, a team can become incapable of performing tasks without an effective leader. 

The lack of a leader would lead to a chaotic environment in any healthcare facility. So, administering and leading teams to work efficiently without wasting resources is essential to maintain quality in a healthcare facility. For this purpose, healthcare providers take different educational courses while also using different approaches to lead teams. Here are some ways to equip healthcare providers with the right leadership skills and work effectively. 

Being skilled in health administration

Leadership and administration have a deep relationship and are equally essential to lead teams in a healthcare facility. While leadership focuses more on motivating a team and their well-being, the administration makes sure that your team works efficiently. So, it’s safe to say that a team can fall apart easily without a good administration in place, as there will be no one to manage it. Hence, healthcare providers possess several administrative skills to keep the team on track with their objectives. 

Time management and resourcefulness are critical components of an executive leader in healthcare. They complete tasks on time while also saving time and money. Moreover, communication and organizational abilities also hold immense importance. Perhaps in the modern age of healthcare, technological skills are also found in administrative leaders. 

However, earning these skills not only takes time and effort but also needs relevant education. So, before they step into their healthcare careers, healthcare providers make sure to earn a high-quality education that equips them with administrative skills. For this purpose, a master’s in health administration is the ideal education to gain. An online program for this degree can further make it easy to learn, as you can have a flexible learning schedule. Make sure to enroll in an online master of health administration program if you aspire to be an effective healthcare leader. 

Possessing leadership qualities

To make the team move forward in healthcare facilities’ dynamic environment, healthcare providers possess considerable leadership skills. A team that lacks an effective leader will eventually become incapable of performing tasks, even with effective administration. There will be no motivation or inspiration for the team to work. For this purpose, healthcare providers possess excellent communication skills while also listening to the team. Positive behavior is also found in healthcare providers that helps in motivating the team. However, similar to gaining administrative skills, it’s essential for healthcare providers to earn a suitable education to gain leadership skills. Otherwise, they may end up as incompetent leaders. With a degree in organizational leadership, you gain all the necessary leadership. So, be sure to earn an organizational leadership degree to become a strong leader as a healthcare provider.

Acting with innovation

While working in a healthcare facility, things can rapidly escalate into more significant problems, quite unpredictably. In such a situation, a team needs to act before it’s too late. Otherwise, the lives of patients may be under threat. So, to be prepared for such situations, healthcare providers lead a team to possess innovative minds. It helps them think outside the box to deliver a solution to the problem quickly.

Moreover, an innovative leader also encourages brainstorming in the team to enhance thinking power. As a result of this creative behavior of healthcare providers, the team is motivated intrinsically. Hence, the team starts to work due to interest rather than pressure from team leaders. Overall, this leadership approach helps the team adapt to sudden change, making better decisions. 

Sharing leadership

A highly effective leadership method that many healthcare providers use is the sharing of leadership roles. This technique is also known as transformational leadership. It revolves around the idea that everyone can participate in leadership roles. So, transformational leaders try to motivate healthcare workers across all positions to join in the team’s improvement. As a result, team members develop a better relationship amongst themselves while also seeing the leader more trustworthy.

Moreover, confidence is also built up in team members as they take on leadership tasks. Transformational leadership also helps to increase workers’ job satisfaction, as they feel recognized in the workplace. Overall, the team is highly motivated and energized to work better.


It’s essential to have an effective healthcare leader in place to execute tasks properly. Not only is there a need for motivational leaders, but administrative knowledge holds equal importance in today’s healthcare facilities. Thus, earning suitable degrees and trying better approaches to enhancing a team’s abilities are standard methods adopted by healthcare providers to be influential leaders.

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