Getting Private Home Care During Covid-19

Updated on May 12, 2020

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To say it is a difficult and stressful experience trying to find the right private home care for an elderly loved one such as your mother or father is an understatement. In the current situation we are facing throughout Canada, like the rest of the world, with the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, what is already high anxiety on its own is made even worse. 

As well as the concerns and worries about finding the right individual with the right personality and level of experience and qualifications, you need to take on board the real threat of ensuring your loved one is not put at unnecessary risk from contracting the virus. Especially given how those most at risk are senior citizens and those who have underlying and existing health conditions. 

To help you find the right at-home care service provider, we are going to discuss several special considerations you should factor into your decision concerning the pandemic.

Are Caregivers Screened Appropriately Before Visits?

This is a priority. Any professional at-home care provider who is looking to provide the safest and best experience for both the caregivers who work for them and the clients they work with will have a system in place. Before agreeing to individuals from an organization coming into your home or the home of your loved one, make sure they regularly screen their carers and clients. 

Do They Use the Appropriate PPE and Face Masks?

Stopping the coronavirus spreading is one of the fundamentals of ending the pandemic. PPE should always be used anyway, especially if your loved one has a serious health issue or is especially frail, but even more so in these frightening and challenging times. Look for a company that insists that their caregivers always wear face masks during their time working with your loved one. You should always make sure that they are following the governmental guidelines on PPE and are fully kitted out. 

There are no excuses when your loved one’s safety and health are involved. Any reputable organization will agree with this sentiment. 

Will They Assign One Individual or a Small Team to Your Loved One?

For your own stress levels as well as those of your loved one, it is always best to look for a service where they are assigned one individual or a small team of carers. It can be frustrating and hinder any good work being achieved if there is always a different caregiver visiting your loved one. 

During the ongoing pandemic, however, there is even more reason to only use a provider that assigns a small team of dedicated individuals to your loved one. The fewer different people they come into contact with daily reduces the chances of them catching the disease. 

Do They Regularly Review Their Practices?

Obviously, you will want to ensure that the at home care team you choose have a robust and effective service, to begin with. However, with every new day during the pandemic, governmental advice and directions are regularly changing. You want to make sure that you choose an organization that regularly assess their practices and look to improve them and change them when necessary. 

Even if there wasn’t an ongoing health crisis affecting most of the world, a good care team will always look to offering a truly bespoke service. No two cases are ever going to be the same. Even if two senior citizens have the same health conditions, they will not have the same personalities or living conditions. There are always variables that should be taken on board when creating a care plan. Make sure the care provider you choose does this.

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