Functional Medicine For Diabetes – The Right Way To Get You Your Life Back

Updated on September 2, 2021

Diabetes is a word that everybody is scared of. This is a trap that nobody wants to fall prey to. It is because this disease is one of the biggest health emergencies of the 21st century. Do you know that more than 425 million people across the globe are estimated to have diabetes right now? Diabetes-related complications are constantly on the rise and the worst part about it is that you wouldn’t even know when it creeps up on you.

You must have relied completely and solely on traditional medicine up until now. But there is a rising number of people that have started choosing alternative medicine to understand the root cause of diabetes and fight its symptoms and complications more efficiently. Does this approach even work? Is there any other treatment plan that is more effective than the conventional methods everyone has been following? Let’s find out.

Understanding The Conventional Medicine Approach To Diabetes

The conventional approach is a more traditional one and at times it seems inadequate. This is because not much research and endeavor has been put towards understanding and identifying the root cause of this disease. The traditional practice comprises combating the symptoms of diabetes. 

This is primarily done with the help of prescriptions and medications that have been effective for generations. The most common approach is to wait till the point when the patient has entered the later stages of diabetes. Until then, not much is done to alter the course of this disease.

Understanding The Functional Medicine Approach To Diabetes 

The functional medicine approach on the other hand works quite differently. It comprises detailed laboratory testing along with an extensive evaluation of the lifestyle and health history of the patient. The various shortcomings in their overall routine and health management are addressed and tweaked. 

In cases where the patient is already diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the approach changes to identifying the root cause of it and then rectifying it as soon as possible. Functional medicine also aims to improve the lifestyle of the patient and help them in combating nearly all the symptoms associated with diabetes.

What Is The Root Cause Of Diabetes?

Type 1 Diabetes

This is primarily an autoimmune condition. An individual can manage it more easily but cannot reverse it with any medicine approach.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a little different. It develops in an individual with time and as they grow older, it becomes more and more complicated to manage. Excessive sugar intake is the biggest cause of type 2 diabetes. It leads to inflammation in your body and eventually to insulin resistance.

Insulin Resistance Explained

Insulin resistance is when the human body is no longer capable of transporting sugar from the bloodstream into the cells. This means that there is no way for the sugar to be converted into fuel for the body. This also results in obesity and could result in several other complications such as hormonal imbalance, effect on liver health, complications with gastrointestinal processes, and more.

There Are Several Functional Foods That You Can Try To Help You With Your Type 2 Diabetes. Some Of Them Are Listed Below

1.   Blueberries

This is easily one of the most delicious ways to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes if you haven’t yet crossed that threshold. It is also ideal for those who are already living with diabetes. Blueberries help control your blood glucose level significantly. 

It has very strong antidiabetic effects and several other helpful chemical compounds that are anti-inflammatory. What makes blueberries an inseparable part of Functional medicine in Australia is that they are similar to some fatty acids that improve the overall glucose management in your body.

2.   Coffee And Tea

You did not know that caffeinated beverages could be this powerful. There have been studies and research that prove how tea and coffee are effective in combating type 2 diabetes. There is a thing called oxidative stress. By drinking enough caffeine throughout the day, you can reduce its symptoms and also increase your overall antioxidant count very easily.

3.   Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are your best friend and they form a very critical part of functional medicine and wholesome treatment plans. Some studies claim that fermented foods can reduce your overall intake of diabetes medication drastically. If you haven’t yet started eating yogurt and other good bacteria-rich fermented foods, it is time to include them in your diet right now. They reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and also enhance glycemic control in your body if you already have this disease.

4.   Nuts And Seeds

You can go totally nuts over nuts. Seeds and nuts have ample health benefits and some of them are still hidden from everyone. By eating just 6 soaked almonds every morning for 24 days, you can mobilize your body fat and reduce your overall waist circumference dramatically. These are high in good cholesterol and reduce internal inflammation. 

You can also choose walnuts because they improve your cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of many heart-related diseases as well. When it comes to reducing blood pressure, chia seeds are very reliable. Always avoid completely roasted nuts and seeds. Go with the raw alternative or something that is lightly toasted and not deep-fried.

Fighting More Than Just Diabetes

With functional medicine, you can do more than just fight type 2 diabetes. It is not just an alternative path but an effective and scientifically proven methodology. It is quite distinct from traditional medicine but then that is exactly where its USP lies. Functional medicine has been proven to be effective in cancer patients as well. It is also effective in heart diseases, immune diseases, and stroke including Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, and various food sensitivities and allergies.

Would you be taking a leap of faith when using functional medicine over any other form of a medical treatment plan? Yes. Is it going to be worth it? Yes. 

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