Foods That Could Be Killing Your Sex Drive

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Did you know that human beings can have two types of penises? There is one type that is otherwise smaller and grows in size upon erection. Then there is another type that appears large but does not expand much on erection. If you feel your penile length is inadequate, knowing which type you have can possibly help.

It is important to understand, however, that erectile dysfunction or lack of sex drive has very little to do with the length of the penis. And there are natural male enhancement pills like Maxis10 that can help enhance penis length and treat ED, says Top Male Enhancers, a site that offers unbiased and comprehensive product reviews.

Apart from checking Maxis10 reviews, the right food habits can help too. Here’s a look at some foods that men with erectile dysfunction or low libido need to avoid.

Steer Clear of these Foods for a Great Libido

  • Fried and oily food: If ED continues to plague you, fried foods need to be avoided. Fried foods are loaded with trans-fats, which decrease both male and female libido. Consuming too much trans fats can also cause abnormalities in sperm production and interfere with the female gestation period. Therefore, it is time for both partners to skip the fries.
  • Too much sugar: Sugar can actually wreak havoc on your sex life. So, if you have a sweet tooth, things could get difficult. Learn to tackle your cravings with natural sweeteners like dates, raisins or fruits of your choice. Too much sugar consumption can be one of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction and loss of libido in both men and women. This is why diabetes has been named as the prime sex killer among lifestyle diseases.
  • Processed carbohydrates: Processed carbs could be serious bad news for your sex drive. White rice and white flour are both bad for your health. These can be found in pastas, cereals, cookies, crackers and chips. These carbohydrates can cause weight gain, spike in estrogen levels, with depleting testosterone levels. Healthy carbohydrates found in whole grains, legumes, nuts and vegetables should be included in your diet instead.

Natural Supplements Offer Swift Solutions

Along with the right diet, erectile dysfunction can be treated with the help of natural male enhancement pills. These supplements pack in a punch with age old herbs sourced from across the globe. However, remember to check their reviews, including those for Maxis10 & Erectzan, to learn about the ingredients used, recommended dosage and side effects, if any, to make an informed decision.

Leading a healthy life by eating right, exercising regularly and taking supplements as recommended can be the easiest way to combat sex woes and bring back that spark in your love life.