Features to look for in every print-on-demand company

Updated on February 17, 2023

Venturing into POD (print-on-demand) requires the best print partners to align with your healthcare or e-commerce business. Today there are thousands of POD service providers, but few get the real concept of the business. New entrepreneurs, artists or designers should get reference from the best POD companies to have a good start for your business. Print on demand provider companies should hold various features to qualify in providing services to consumers. Using Gelato, or other reliable print providers with high-end quality products and affordable prices, will accelerate your e-commerce business to high business levels.  

In the article, we focus on the features you should look for in every print on Demand Company. A print partner to provide reliable services, thus growing your online store.  Quality products and services ensure your customers are happy and loyal. 

Product range

Select print providers with a comprehensive product range to expand and grow your brand. Many startup brands started with logo designs on t-shirts. The brand receives positive feedback from fans, but with time, fans or customers will require more merchandise. To maintain customers, you must expand your products and services. Venture into other apparel such as swimwear, mugs, home and living accessories etc.  Work with a print company with the various product range and still maintain a high quality of their products and services.

The pricing model

Pricing is the biggest challenge when selecting a POD provider. Some companies have different pricing from various services, which is costly to many brands. Ensure to choose a print provider with one specific payment to keep everything simple and avoid extra charges.  When selecting the POD Company, learn what services they offer for the cost and the quality of the products.  

Reviews and social proof

Online reviews on particular print companies help you choose the best printing provider. Many brands offer reviews from their potential customers. Use the company’s website and other sites to get genuine remarks from different customers. Social media is also a perfect source of information and reviews. Many print brands use social media platforms for marketing their business. Get the insights from the likes, comments and follows on the social pages. 

Customer support service

Choosing a POD company entails a lot besides the business part of it. Users should check on the communication section. The communication channel between you and your customers and you and the company. A reliable printing company should have a24/7 customer support to address customer problems.  The customer support should be willing to help and polite to customers, ensure they have multiple channels to reach them.


The best print partners will involve their customers through communication. They should be open to both positive and negative facts of the business.  If mistakes happen to any order, they should be bold to tell and also solve it wisely.  The POD provider needs to communicate about their policy or any changes. They shouldn’t have any hidden charges which they reveal once you join the company. Learn from the reviews or see how they handle such matters.

Return handling

Sometimes customers aren’t satisfied with the quality of service or product offered by the printing company. They return the orders due to shipping issues, production or any problem with the order. The right POD provider handles the cases diligently, ensuring customer’s satisfaction. Before settling for any company, check the policy and what it says about customers returning their orders. Offer your customers a copy of the company’s return policy to help them know what to expect once they return an order. 

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