Does Turmeric Actually Whiten Teeth?

Updated on February 1, 2021

Turmeric is the renowned spice of Asia, popularized for having magical healing effects and being an instant herbal therapy for years on end. While turmeric wins over in its healing powers and anti-bacterial nature, its whitening properties have been heavily endorsed in skincare and dental care as well.

The nature turmeric allows it to whiten and brighten portions and bring out a subtle glow in both your teeth and your skin. While most people are scared of the turmeric staining their assets, the opposite can be said in its case of bringing a bright smile. 

While using turmeric rarely has any side effects, can you use turmeric for your tooth treatments? Well, that’s exactly what we will be discussing today in our article. Read on ahead to find out the benefits of turmeric and how you can incorporate it into your oral hygiene routine. 

How Does Turmeric Brighten Your Teeth?

Turmeric is a herbal substance that organically assists in the whitening of your teeth and is a great alternative to commercial products one might use for brightening their teeth. Due to the spice being completely natural you can avoid the side effects of commercial teeth whiteners such as gum pain, sensitivity, gingivitis, enamel problems, receding gums, and so on. 

While whitening is the primary purpose of using turmeric, you can reap multiple benefits from form this anti-bacterial spice. These additional benefits include protection from gum disease, gum inflammation, and any pain that you might experience from commercial whiteners. 

Turmeric makes itself the perfect at-home remedy for oral care through its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to remove plaque and effectively eradicates all traces of bacteria, even better than your regular mouthwashes!

How To Use Turmeric To Whiten Teeth?

So, how does one incorporate turmeric in their day-to-day oral care regimen? You can incorporate it in a few ways however be careful to not use it more than just once a day. Of course, the results will take time to show as this natural remedy is not as fast as using whitening strips. 

Nonetheless, here are a few ways you can incorporate turmeric into your dental routine and get those pearly whites soon enough. 

You can easily make your turmeric toothpaste from ingredients you can find at home. This will require two main ingredients; coconut oil and some high-quality turmeric powder. Most people recommend using ¼ of a teaspoon of turmeric powder in combination with 1/8 teaspoon of high-quality softened coconut oil. This mixture helps to work as toothpaste and clings to thoroughly clean your gums and your teeth. Additionally, you can also add some baking soda to improve the cleansing properties and a mint extract to get that fresh flavor. Beware hat turmeric can stain your teeth, so continue to use normal toothpaste afterward. 

  • Buy Yourself Some Turmeric Toothpaste:

If you want the easy way out with this whitening technique, try purchasing turmeric toothpaste and see the magic unfold. These tubes of toothpaste are already formulated with the essence of turmeric which makes the job easier. However, in some cases, you may see that some commercial products do not have turmeric in them which means they will be less effective than the DIY method we explained before. But, you can still reap the massive benefits from these kinds of toothpaste and are less prone to getting yellow-stained teeth. 


Turmeric toothpaste can be a lifesaver for those who are looking to whiten their teeth without spending excessive cash. We hope our article helped in guiding you about the multiple ways you can utilize turmeric to whiten your teeth. 

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