Do Prostate Massagers Have Health Benefits? Everything You Need to Know

Updated on June 10, 2022

The world is full of hidden gems and fascinating secrets. The male prostate is one of those hidden gems, and incredibly fascinating secrets.

 Beyond the pleasure of a prostate orgasm, there are actually some conversations in the men’s health community about the potential health benefits of prostate massagers, and the impending orgasm.

While there are certainly instances wherein a prostate massage serves a medical purpose, such as a doctor collecting a sample from the prostate gland to test, however – there are other more mild health benefits to regular prostate massage.

Ready to Go at a Moments Notice

After regular prostate massage over a period of time, blood flow is increased, which allows for a higher sensitivity and increases the strength of physical response. Essentially equaling stronger and longer-lasting erections. This is certainly a benefit for any partners involved, and can increase confidence as well, which is an important part of performance and overall mental state.

Besides, a healthy blood flow is important to establish throughout the entirety of the body, down south included.

The Simplicity of Intensity

Beyond the length and strength of one’s tool, regular prostate massage leads to a more intense, full body experience. Not only at the climax, but throughout the entirety of the session. This intensity translates into other forms of stimulation as well over time and can actually increase a man’s endurance levels. 

After establishing prostate massage as a regular aspect of the routine, either with a prostate massager or manually, men can experience higher levels of self-control when it comes to getting to the finish line, so to speak. This not only means that regular prostate massage can lead to more intense orgasms for the man, but creates a more intense experience for anyone else involved as well. Some men are even able to train themselves into experiencing non-ejaculation based orgasms through recurring prostate massage. Better climax control, stronger and longer lasting erections, and more intense orgasms are all ingredients to a healthy and thriving sex-life.

Decreased Swelling and Improved Flows

Taking a step back from the pleasure and mental-health aspects that prostate massagers and prostate massage can increase, there are slightly more drastic conditions in which prostate massage can be a part of the solution. For example, in the instance that the prostate is swollen, and presses on the urethra, prostate massage can help decrease this swelling. This, in turn, lessens the pressure that is put on the urethra, and allows for a urine stream that is more free flowing. This can also alleviate pain experienced during urination if there is any, due to prostate swelling specifically.

Increasing blood flow to the area is another result of regular prostate massage, as discussed earlier. However, this doesn’t only increase the sensation and intensity levels experienced. Blood is what heals us internally, and with an increased blood flow your body has a better chance at combating the problem.

In Case of Prostatitis

Recurring prostate massage can alleviate general swelling, but it can also help address a more chronic issue like prostatitis. In the same way, if the prostate swells and presses on the urethra it can cause general pain, discomfort during urination, and lead to further complications as well. With prostate massage, the swelling is alleviated some, which also addresses the pain and discomfort during urination. In the case of prostatitis, prostate massage is often combined with an antibiotic for a one-two-punch. This addresses both the swelling and immediate discomfort, while also treating the root of the problem.

Beyond prostatitis, though, prostate massage can actually help reduce the risk of contracting prostate cancer, which is one of the most common cancers with which men are diagnosed.

Closing Thoughts on The Benefits of Prostate Massage

There are a lot of benefits that men get from the integration of regular prostate massage into their routine. Whether this is done by themselves, with the help of a prostate massaging toy, or the assistance of a partner, more and more men are discovering the benefits of prostate massage each and every year. 

From more intense sessions that last longer and shortened refractory periods that boost mental health and confidence in the bedroom, to physical alleviation of prostate swelling and discomfort during urination, there are certainly some health benefits to making prostate massage a regular part of any man’s routine.