Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jejurikar Answers Questions About Breast Procedures

Updated on June 9, 2021
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Finding the right plastic surgeon for your needs can be an overwhelming task. You need someone you can trust to transform your body or face according to what you want to look and feel. Trying to find a plastic surgeon on the internet can yield endless results without a reliable way to narrow down your search. If you live near Dallas, TX, you should consider having a consultation with Dr. Sam Jejurikar, a board-certified, highly experienced, and renowned plastic surgeon. He is a member of the respected Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and has received numerous outstanding client reviews. Dr. Jejurikar offers a wide range of procedures, and one of his specialties is breast surgery procedures. 

Breast Surgery Overview    

The appearance of the breasts can significantly impact your overall appearance and how you feel about yourself. It can provide you with confidence and boost your self-esteem. In some cases, a breast procedure is required for health reasons. Breast procedures performed by Dr. Jejurikar include breast augmentation, breast lift, breast revision, saline implants, silicone implants, and male breast reduction. The appearance of the breast can change with age, genetics, weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy, hormone imbalance, medications, illnesses, and other reasons. If you are dissatisfied with how your breasts look or feel, there is no reason why this issue cannot be fixed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jejurikar. 

Breast Surgery FAQs 

Does having breast implants affect breastfeeding? 

The recommendation from the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is to wait until you have finished having children to get breast implants. However, many women have no issues breastfeeding with breast implants. Each case of breast implants is different, and several factors need to be considered to know if breastfeeding can be affected by breast implants. 

Typically, the milk supply of the breasts is not affected by breast implants, but the original state of the breasts and the type of incision used for the breast procedures are key factors to answer this question. If breastfeeding is a priority, the surgeon might want to consider specific sizes or shapes of the breast implants that will be safer for breastfeeding. If you are concerned about breastfeeding after breast implant surgery, Dr. Jejurikar will be glad to consult with you and guide you on the most suitable option for your needs. 

Is there a need to wear a bra after getting breast implants? 

If you have had large implants during breast augmentation surgery, it is recommended that you wear a bra to properly support the breasts. You might only be required to wear a bra for the short term to ensure the post-surgery healing process is complete. Once the recovery phase is over, you can go back to going braless. 

The post-surgery phase is important for the healing process and getting your body used to the new size and weight of the breasts. The plastic surgeon might also recommend specific exercises to help you develop strength and support for the breasts. There are also some specialized bras designed to be used after breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Jejurikar can guide you on the duration of needing to wear a bra and the correct type of bra to use after breast augmentation surgery. 

Can breast implants be removed if the results are not satisfactory? 

Yes, breast implants can be removed if the results are not according to your expectations or if you develop certain problems with your breasts. Generally, a breast implant removal procedure is a safe procedure, given you get it done from a certified and experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Jejurikar. In most cases, breast removal surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and most clients can go home on the same day of the surgery. 

Dr. Jejurikar follows all processes that allow for maximum satisfaction of his clients. Ideally, you would want to get the right type, size, and shape of breast implants so you can avoid needing surgery for removal or modification. However, there could be several reasons for needing a breast implant removal procedure. Not only can the breast implants be removed, but you can also opt for breast revision surgery to change the look and feel of the breast implants. Breast revision surgery includes replacement or repositioning of the breast implants. 

What happens if the breast implant ruptures? 

If there are any issues with the breast implant, including a rupture or leak, you should immediately consult with your surgeon. A breast implant rupture is not common, but it can happen. You must seek treatment as soon as possible. In almost all cases of breast implant rupture or leak, the breast implant will need to be replaced.  

A rupture or leak of the breast implant can cause changes to the shape and feel of the breast implant. It can produce pain, lumps, or swelling in the breast. Although breast implant rupture is not considered to cause tissue disease or cancer, there should be no delay in getting treatment. Keep in mind that a silicone breast implant can suffer from a silent rupture where the silicone tends to remain trapped in the surrounding tissue even though there has been a rupture or leak. 

If you suspect a breast implant rupture, Dr. Jejurikar can guide you on diagnosis and different treatment options to solve the issue. An MRI scan or ultrasound treatment might be required to complete the diagnosis. Breast implants are designed to last long, but there is no guarantee they will last a lifetime. There is always a chance of needing future surgery to replace the breast implant. 

Menopause, pregnancy, and weight change can influence the appearance of breast implants. Dr. Jejurikar is an expert in all types of breast surgery, and he makes sure each breast surgery procedure is performed with optimum precision, reliability, and safety. If you have had breast surgery or are planning to have one, you should discuss all the risks associated with it. For the vast majority of people with breast implants, there are no severe complications. In any case, it is recommended you have regular breast self-examination and mammograms to make sure your breasts are in good health. 

Are the scars from breast implants visible? 

There has to be an incision made during surgery to install the breast implants. This incision will leave a scar. One of the primary goals of a successful breast surgery procedure is to minimize post-surgery scarring. For most types of breast implant surgery, the incision is less than an inch and is disguised in the mammary fold or armpit. The location of the scar makes it less visible and is easily covered by lingerie or bikini. Over time, the scars will become less visible. The type and severity of the scarring will be different for each individual, and it will depend on several factors, including how quickly the skin heals and the natural tone and texture of the skin. Not only can Dr. Jejurikar minimize the scarring using his skills, but he also guides you on how to take care of the skin for faster healing of the scarring. 

A few days after surgery, the scarring might look red and raised, but it will eventually fade to pink or white over time. The skin will become smoother as the scarring continues to heal. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle before and after breast implant surgery for optimum healing and recovery. It is also essential to keep the incision area clean and dry and minimize exposure to sun or chemicals. You should keep an eye on the scars to make sure they are healing. If you notice any signs of infection, prolonged pain, or unusual inflammation, you should consult with Dr. Jejurikar as soon as possible. 

Is there a maximum age for breast augmentation surgery? 

There is no specific upper age limit to get breast augmentation surgery. The average age of patients for breast augmentation surgery is 30-40 years. However, many older women opt for breast augmentation surgery and other breast procedures such as breast lifts. More important than your age is your overall health and the condition of your breasts. As the first step to breast augmentation surgery, a comprehensive check-up of your health will be performed to ensure you are a good candidate for breast surgery. 

It is common for older women to seek breast augmentation lift to restore the lost volume or sagging shape of the breasts. A breast lift surgery or mastopexy might be preferred over breast augmentation surgery. Anyone that is healthy and has low risks for developing complications linked to surgical procedures can opt for breast surgery; however, each case will have to be addressed individually in consultation with a plastic or cosmetic surgeon. 

About Dr. Jejurikar 

The outstanding client reviews of Dr. Jejurikar are testament to his mastery of plastic surgery and his dedication to the art of plastic surgery. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jejurikar has top-quality education and continues to advance his profession through research and publications. He did his undergraduate studies, medical school, and plastic surgery residency at the prestigious University of Michigan. He is affiliated with several hospitals, including Baylor University Medical Center, Pine Creek Medical Center, and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

Dr. Jejurikar is also the co-host of the popular online podcast show named “3 Plastic Surgeons and a Microphone”. In this podcast, Dr. Jejurikar and other experts discuss a wide range of topics related to plastic surgery. Dr. Jejurikar is also committed to actively participating in medical missions to help the less fortunate people. 

Dr. Jejurikar has been practicing plastic surgery in Dallas for over a decade. He uses state-of-the-art and innovative tools and technology for his plastic surgery practice. Along with his extensive experience and qualifications as a plastic surgeon, his dedication and passion set him apart from other plastic surgeons. Every client at Dr. Jejurikar gets complete attention and is provided with a transparent and clear understanding of the procedure they want to be done. The clients are given a realistic understanding of what to expect from the procedure and its risks. The goal of Dr. Jejurikar is the complete satisfaction and safety of his clients. 

Schedule a Consultation With Dr. Jejurikar 

There is no reason for you not to have the breasts you want or get relief from any health issues related to your breasts. With the skills and experience of Dr. Jejurikar, you can get excellent results for all types of breast surgery procedures. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Jejurikar or to get more information about services offered by Dr. Jejurikar, you can contact Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, located at 9101 N. Central Expwy., Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75231

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