Consider this when Looking for Style and Safety in the Bathroom

Updated on June 16, 2020

When designing the outlook of your bathroom, safety is essential in the functionality of the room. That stylish look that we yearn for can supplement the need for us to be safe. A well-designed bathroom is a justified requirement in any human living standards. In this article, we will look at ways in which you can enhance safety and style in the bathroom.

Bathroom as a Safe Haven

The bathroom is the most accessible room for everyone in the house. Appropriate design is of a safe place where challenges and sorrows drain away as well as get a relaxed mood. Ensure everyone who enters the room feels comfortable to use and gets a piece of mind.

The suppliers and installers of quality bathroom accessories offer independence in bathing. Below are things to consider in bathroom safety for the aged and family members;

  • Grab and Safety rails; Safety rails for shower are essential accessories in the bathroom to offer support while using the room. It is attached to the wall in the showers or beside the toilet. The tool offers support to the elderly, sick, and. To effectively use the grab rails, its position is near the shower while getting in and out of the tab, or the sides of the toilet seat to hold while in position. 
  • Traction Mats and surfaces; this another accessory in the bathroom used while getting in and out of the shower. A wet floor or feet poses the threat of falling on slipping. This is a safety risk for any loved one that you care about. Search for a non-slip mat that can blend with the décor in the bathroom. Utilize floor tiles that have a rough pattern in its texture. This will increase traction between the mat and floor and drastically reduce the risk of falling.
  • Shower Bench and Pedestals; It is now possible for the elderly to get in and out of the shower from a sitting position. The item assists in balance when transitioning in and out of the tub. The pedestal and bench will give stability and resting place when undertaking the basic hygiene routine. The tools give a safety and relaxation feel while bathing.
  • Safe lighting; To realize an advanced safety measure, install an ambient lighting system that accommodates the elderly. The type of lights to install should gear towards giving the appropriate visibility and conducive mood. An automatic system will light up the room soon as the sensors detect movement. Place the switches strategically within the easy reach of the hand.
  • Bath Board and Grip; This bathroom accessory aid in personal support when inside the bathing tub. It runs across the bathtub from the top for assistance rising or sitting in. Some of the models come with a bath grip that complements the board.


When setting up or modifying a bathroom, choose classic items that operate efficiently. Consider the mobility and accessibility issues that you are looking to eliminate. It will be possible for all your loved ones to shower independently regardless of age.

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