Confession of the Maid of Honor: How to save the wedding

Updated on April 19, 2019

All is well, and all is well. Everything is a mess, and all is well. If you ever a chance to experience what it is to be a maid of honor, you can very well relate to the above line. No matter how pleasant and excited you will be after getting the news of your friend’s marriage and you being the Maid of Honor. The excitement will flow out, and nervousness will take its place when you start your planning.

Being MOH is almost equal to being the hand of the king (if you watch GOT though). You have to organized and financially prepared for the job. Some task will be as easy as breathing and others can make you pull all your hair out. Planning for bachelorette can be another important task. Different personality, a different comfort zone can put a dent on your budget.

You will have to be walking the shopping mall for the bride to be. From handling her stressful talk to matching her veil to the dress, is your job.  There was one point of time when it felt like being in a hangover movie series.

My friend Kate broke the news of her engagement to me during the 2017 fall. Kate and I are childhood friend, and we treated each other like family. She is my sister from another mister.  So it was pretty much evident that it was me, who will handle her maniac behavior during the wedding. 

Planning for the Bachelorette party was a major checkpoint of the wedding. Clothes were already done, the venue was booked, and the flowers were matched. Planning a party is backbreaking work to do. Because you want everyone to enjoy the trip, sometimes it becomes stressful to make plans according to everybody. 

In our case, we booked a two day to trip to Florida which was filled with booze, clubs, and food. But how can mishap leave any weeding unattended? Just before the checkout, Kate fell down the stairs of the hotel and broke her front tooth. A bruise or cut could have sufficed the situation but breaking her front tooth just before the wedding is an S.O.S. 

There was no time to waste, and luckily we were able to narrow down a dental clinic – Etts DDS. The name does sound weird, but it is one of the best dentistry in Plantation, Florida. I quickly made an appointment and rushed to the clinic. Kate had a Restorative Dentistry along with Cosmetic Dentistry. To restore the broken tooth and since she is the bride a little work here and there won’t be such a problem.

Etts DDS has a team of experienced and skilled doctors. Giving full attention to the details, Craig dental clinic offers a variety of different dentistry as well. What we find amusing is that Kate had dental insurance because her mouth has the worse set of teeth I have come across with.

The clinic accepts the insurance and has a dedicated team handling the policy. The procedure took the whole day, but at the end of the day, our bride had the perfect smile on her face.  This is one of the incidents where MOH has to be quick on her feet, had I not known the place it would have been impossible to search the area who can offer help such quickly.

There are many other responsibilities of MOH which shouldn’t be neglected. Why don’t you go through it once more?

1.    Be the leader of your troop – You have to make sure that all the bridesmaids are on the same page. Everyone has their dress (because that can create havoc), having the details of the parties, attending the rehearsals and make sure that their makeup and hair are done on time.

2.     Just be there – you are chosen as a maid of honor because you are the one who bride find the most comfortable to talk to. Whether it is a battle between ivory or pearl shade or choosing your first dance song. MOH should be able to troubleshoot any problem.

3.    Holding things – you are the one who will be standing the closest to the bride, so you are expected to keep her bouquet, ring and some tissue in case needed.

Being a Maid of honor is an essential task. You are accepted to put your full energy to it. You’re someone, whose existence — the closest to the bride. Your job is to make sure that everything goes according to the plan. You are the backbone of the wedding. But don’t forget to enjoy it too.

All these small tasks lead to one important message: to make sure your friend lives the best day of her life. Make sure that she doesn’t miss a thing and don’t forget that Maid of honor toast!

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