New Clinical Study: Pediatrician Shares Expertise On Nutritional Deficiencies In Kids When It Comes To Healthy Height Growth

Updated on November 16, 2023
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Dr. Milobsky, a board-certified pediatrician who was named Top Doc by 5280 Magazine in 2010 and 2013, says that there are 5 major all-natural components to healthy growth in children and youth ages 5-24, that they can all tap into by simply adding the proper nutritional components into their diets to address (nutrition, hormones, sleep, stress and immunity) that can help them effectively grow healthy and tall.

Height growth has been a problem for generations among children. Dr. Milobsky, a highly respected pediatrician, lends us his expertise to shed light on the matter. Being a pediatrician for years, Dr. Milobsky is no stranger to parents seeking advice or medication to make their kids grow taller.

It can be worrying sometimes when talking about a child’s height growth. And it’s totally understandable how parents feel when it comes to such a topic. So, let’s have an insightful talk about this today.

The Importance of Nutrition

Upon hearing “height growth,” nutrition instantly comes to mind. Dr. Milobsky, a parent of seven kids, says it can be challenging to ensure that all of them get the proper nutrition they need without compromise.

The most common discussion he has with parents is how kids refuse to eat healthier foods. This may be caused by some factors, such as their personality, parental anxiety, developmental issues, and sensory issues.

With this, it can result in kids not only refusing to eat more but also being afraid to try new things as they grow up. And as parents, this is where anxiety and stress may kick in.

Children need to have enough micronutrients during their early years. The more they lack nutrition, the higher the possibility they’ll experience nutritional deficiency that can impact their height growth in the near future.

As challenging as it can be, we’re here to help you prepare which foods are best for your young ones. Take a look at the list Dr. Milobsky compiled below.


Rich in protein, zinc, calcium, and iron, chicken is a healthy, easy-to-cook meat that kids love. There are plenty of recipes to prepare chicken, giving you more options to cook it the way your kids want it.


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help with bone health and improved sleeping patterns.


You can never go wrong with eggs. They are rich in protein, calcium, and vitamin D, which are important nutrients for height growth. 


A glass of milk contains ample amounts of calcium, protein, fiber, and healthy fat that can help with height improvement.

Greek Yogurt

Kids and their relationship with sweets are like an unbreakable bond. However, unmoderated consumption of sweets can harm their health. Luckily, there’s a healthier alternative like Greek Yogurt. Packed with protein and zinc, it’s a delicious choice your little ones will love. Make it even more fun by adding their favorite fruits on top!

Five Growth Factors To Keep in Mind

Now that you know the best foods for height, you are ready to give your kids the nutrition they need. But aside from nutrition, it’s also important to see how growth factors can impact their height too.


According to scientists, the DNA contributes 80% to a person’s height. This is why you’ll see tall parents having tall children as well.


Getting enough sleep is crucial for height growth and development. During deep sleep, our body releases the hormones it needs to support bone health and growth. So, make sure to prioritize quality sleep to give your child’s mind and body the best chance to reach their full potential.

Physical Activities

Children who are more physically active have a higher rate of growing taller. This is because it helps their bones and muscles to develop early when doing physical activities.

Parental impact

As a parent, it’s your job to ensure your kids grow healthy and tall. Not only does this apply to their nutrition, as we discussed earlier, but also to how you treat them. Kids with healthy mental health can improve their decision-making, cognitive ability, and the freedom to try new things.

Learning Environment

Education isn’t limited to just the confines of a classroom. Learning goes beyond textbooks and tests. It also applies to a child’s emotional, social, and mental development as well. The more they learn and gain control over these aspects, the more capable they become in making wise and “healthier” decisions for themselves.

Supplements Are Key

There are tons of protein supplements out there that are available in the market that can aid your child’s growth. Whether your child is a picky eater or you simply want to give them extra vitamins for height increase, picking the right supplement is crucial. Take your time to choose wisely.

One of the rising products Dr. Milobsky recommends is TruHeight Vitamins. TruHeight has a lot of height growth supplements you can choose from. What’s best is that these products are all-natural and are backed up by successful clinical studies. Clinical studies have shown an 86.66% success rate in supporting children’s growth. If you’re looking for a reliable and effective solution for height increase, trust Dr. Milbsky’s recommendation and give TruHeight Vitamins a try! Your child’s growth journey is in good hands with Truheight Vitamins!

Start Your Child’s Height Growth Journey

Battling nutritional deficiency in children is not an easy one. But by giving them ample nutrition and with the aid of supplements, you’ll see effective progress in no time. So, start them young, and be your child’s guiding hand in their height growth journey.

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