Choose the Right-sized Planter to Grow Tomato Vines

Updated on April 3, 2019

When it comes to a tomato pot or container, it is your best bet when you have no or little garden space. The red, ripe fruits grow well provided the pots have enough room to let the roots to spread out and allow circulation of air. If you choose a small planter, the soil will dry up with the rise in temperature and hinder the growth of the tomatoes. Therefore, you should choose the right-sized containers to grow your favorite tomatoes in abundance. However, the size depends on the kind of plant you want to grow and how many vines you would like to grow. 

According to an article published on, tomatoes need a lot of watering, and the plants dry up between watering. Therefore, choosing the right-sized containers and deep watering of tomatoes daily during the summer months will help in proper growth. In a large pot, even if the soil is moist, space will not let the soil to dry up quickly. Read this article to learn more about what planter size to choose for growing tomatoes. 

Choose a Deep Planter 

Though tomato vines differ in size, the root system is the same for all the varieties. The red fruit requires about 10 inches of ground depth for the roots to grow properly. However, you should choose a 12-inch pot for growing indeterminate and determinate tomato varieties. Most of the indeterminate tomato plants need staking to support the vine. Therefore, pick out deep tomato planters for sale, to secure the support. When it comes to a deeper container, it prevents the plant from toppling over or becoming heavy at the top. 

Consider the Container Width 

Now the planter width will depend on how many tomato plants you would like to grow in one container. If you want to grow a single vine, pick out a pot that is at least 12 inches in diameter. You will need to double the width of the planter for every additional plant that you would like to grow. Choose wider pots because they will not topple easily even if the tomato plant is heavy at the top. Grow indeterminate and determinate tomatoes in 3-5 gallon containers. Cultivate dwarf and patio vines in 2-gallon planters or hanging baskets. 

Focus on Drainage 

When it comes to growing tomatoes, drainage plays a crucial role in healthy growth. Choose containers that come with at least a single drainage hole at the base before adding soil. Balance the tall tomato vines. However, you do not block the holes with weights. Make sure that you push a stake or a tomato cage for supporting the vine. Check whether the cage has touched the base of the container. Else, the tomato planter may topple and pull up the plant when the vine becomes heavy with ripe, plump fruits. 


Choose the right-sized tomato pot depending on the type of plant you grow in your home patio or terrace. Drainage, depth, and width matter a lot in picking out the right container. Now that you know about them, make an informed decision and start growing tomatoes in abundance. 

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