Can HGH Supplements Help With Your Weight Loss Journey?

Updated on September 23, 2023

You have probably been told to exercise, control your food portions, eat healthy meals, sleep longer, and drink plenty of water so that you can lose weight. Ordinarily, when you do this, you will lose weight. Fitness enthusiasts will also stress lifting weights and doing some form of cardio such as cycling. This author better explains how in this Rogue Echo Bike review.

However, if your body is not producing enough growth hormone, you will have a harder time shedding off all the extra weight since your body will keep storing fat. Fortunately, HGH supplements can reduce body fat.  

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

HGH is produced naturally by the body to spur growth in adolescents and children. It also aids in regulating muscle and bone growth, body fluids, and the metabolism of fat and sugar. 

This hormone is also important for cell reproduction and regeneration, especially in the brain and other organs. Production of HGH is usually at its peak during the teenage years. 

As one grows older, the secretion of the Growth Hormone (GH) declines. This often begins when one turns thirty. 

When this happens, you will start experiencing the same symptoms as people with adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) syndrome. The signs include a rise in body fat, decreased lean body mass, and a slower metabolism. 

Unfortunately, abdominal obesity further inhibits growth hormone production. 

HGH supplements will help reverse the changes in your body, and ultimately help you lose weight and keep it off. 

How HGH aids with weight loss

Human growth hormone supplements come in pill, injection, and powder forms. However, some experts believe HGH injections work faster and are more effective. 

Some dietary supplements, which are available in pill form, stimulate the production of growth hormones.

HGH supplements speed weight loss in various ways. 

a) Breaks down fat cells

When you take HGH supplements regularly, your energy levels will increase, and you will burn fats faster. When the HGH supplement comes into contact with fat cells, it breaks down the fat, resulting in faster metabolism and greater energy conversion. 

b) Stimulates the liver

HGH supplements stimulate the liver to produce an insulin-like protein responsible for the production of cartilage cells. 

These cells are critical for muscle protein synthesis, and bone and organ growth. So, as you exercise to burn fat and build muscle, HGH will help you achieve this much faster. 

c) Boosts muscle strength and physical endurance

HGH injections improve muscle strength, almost the same way that anabolic steroids do. Regular intake of HGH will boost your endurance as you exercise. 

Not only will you exercise for longer, but you will also burn more calories. 

d) Prevents the storage of fatty acids in cells

The hormone sensitive lipase, or HSL, is the enzyme responsible for breaking down fats. In its natural state, growth hormone stimulates HSL production, which initiates the removal of fatty acids from tissues. 

Low production of the growth hormone results in fewer HSL enzymes. So, fat accumulation in the tissues will be higher since they will not be broken down quickly. 

Once the HSL enzymes remove the fatty acids from the cells, the growth hormone blocks the fatty acids from getting back into the adipose cells. It does this by blocking the lipoprotein lipase (LPL) enzyme. 

LPL makes it easier for the muscle and fat cells to take in fatty acids. HGH supplements halt the activities of LPL in the fat tissue, and at the same time, helps the muscle cells to utilize the fatty acids as energy. 

The joint function of HGH on the fat and muscle tissues ensures that no fatty acids get restored in the fat cells. 

e) Reduces abdominal obesity

As mentioned earlier, when the production of the growth hormone declines, belly fat increases. This explains why fat accumulation around your belly increases as you get older. 

Do you sometimes wonder why, when you were younger, evidence of weight gain was mostly in your hip area and never around your tummy? Then you started noticing your belly become bigger. 

HGH supplements will work just as well as the growth hormone functioned when you were younger. The outcome will be a reduction in abdominal fat. 

When you follow the HGH therapy and take the supplements as prescribed, you may notice a fall in abdominal fat within six weeks. How quickly you notice the change will depend on the dosage, your sensitivity to the HGH supplements, and the severity of your condition. 

You will attain your weight loss goals much faster when you combine healthy eating, exercise, and the use of HGH supplements. When you eat fewer calories and exercise daily, the growth hormone will break down fatty acids much faster. 

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