Arizer Solo II VS Arizer Air II

Updated on August 18, 2021

With so many vaporizers available on the market, you’re probably having a hard time choosing one that suits your preferences and needs. The Arizer Air II is a great option that you may have had your eye on.

However, now the brand has launched the new Arizer Solo II, which makes thinking about which one to choose a long journey in which you have to take into account more and more specifications.

To guide you along the way, I’m going to point out the differences between the Solo II and the Air II, and see if I can help you out enjoy the best vaper at venues like Marijuana Club Barcelona.

What to look for in a Vaper?

Before going directly to the topic, you should take a few notes of what you want your vaper to be in the long run. Keep in mind this advice as you may want to stick to budget and still get great results from your vaping device. 

  • Size matter! Look for a device that fits well in your pocket, both Solo II and Air II work well in this regard. 
  • Temperature checks are important! A device that reaches higher temperature in lesser time drains more battery, thus requiring a better energy storage. 
  • Check out the controls! While you may be ok with a box mod that works automatically, being able to check and manage steam pressure and temperature is great for any vaper. 
  • Cloud production is also a key fact. The more watts your vaper takes the bigger and heavier the clouds will be. 

Arizer Air II

First of all, aesthetically, this one is smaller and more portable. Specifically, it measures 2.9 × 12.2 cm and weighs 126 grams. 

Its temperature ranges from 50° C to 220°C, and it reaches it in about 90 seconds.

It has a 0.2 g filling chamber and is designed for use with dry herb.

The battery life is one and a half hours. It is rechargeable via micro USB and cannot be used while charging.

Arizer Solo II

As for what it looks like, it’s a bit bigger. Exactly 11.4 x 4.3 x 2.5 cm and its weight is 210 grams.

Just like the Air II, its temperature ranges from C to 220°C. However, this one reaches the desired temperature much faster; in about 30 seconds.

It has a 0.2 g filling chamber and is designed for dry herb use.

The battery life can be up to three hours and is charged via a quick-charge cable directly connected to the power supply. It can be used while charging.

Main Differences

Both devices were made with great care, and they are hybrid conduction/convection vaporizers, so, the vapour quality is quite good in both. However, the Air II takes much longer to reach the desired temperature. Three times as long, specifically.

Now, if you prefer a denser, showier vapour cloud overheating speed, it’s a good choice; so, this point isn’t an entirely negative thing.

In the case of the battery, it’s true that the Solo II gives you up to three hours of vape time, while the Air II only an hour and a half. That is, half. But (there is always one), this in exchange for a larger size and for some more uncomfortable.

In addition, while the Air II takes thirty minutes to charge, the Solo II takes three hours. With this marked difference, they thought to do something practical, so at least the Solo II can be used while charging. It’s a matter of taste which is the better choice: easier to carry and faster to charge, or longer battery life for use.

To Sum Up

Both devices are fairly equal in some of the features they possess, such as customization options, the quality of the vapour or the filling chamber. Which clearly makes the decision more difficult. Still, those small distinctions will be the deciding ones when it comes to choosing one over the other.

If battery life and warm-up time are more important to you, the Arizer Solo II is probably the better choice. But, if portability and charging time are outstanding features for you, then you might prefer the Arizer Air II.

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