Are Wooden Toys better for the environment?

Updated on April 20, 2021

Of course, when it comes to toys’ safety we think about our children first because nothing is more important. However, as a part of nature wood poses no threat to any living creature which means that when you buy handmade wooden toys not only you keep your kids safe, but you also protect the environment. This is a perfect solution for those who understand the delicacy of maintaining the natural balance and treat it with responsibility.

Is plastic in children’s toys really that dangerous?

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Let’s review some of the most disturbing of plastic toys’ components.

  • Lead. You can find this element in paint that covers toys, and swallowing a large amount of it can have really damaging consequences for the children’s brain, blood, stomach, and bones, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Phthalates allow flexible toys to bend. Although it caused harm to laboratory animals, CDC claims that there is no sufficient proof that it jeopardizes human health.
  • Bisphenol A (BPA). Despite the existing anxiety about using bottles, cups, and toys with BPA there were no confirmed cases of poisoning with this element. Surely, it isn’t beneficial for people, but there is no certainty about its toxicity either.

Summing up, the true extent of plastic’s dangerous impact requires further investigation. Moreover, toys can be made of recycled plastic which is also a responsible ecological solution. Thus, you don’t need to settle. The only component you should completely exclude from your child’s life is the lead (don’t forget to check painted wooden toys for it too). Yet, if you want your kid to grow surrounded by 100% harmless, natural, and non-toxic playthings and reduce your negative imprint on the environment, opt for handmade wooden toys.

What makes handmade wooden toys a perfectly friendly option for both kids and the environment?

Nowadays, it usually goes without saying that plastic harms our ecosystem gravely. For that reason, plenty of people choose products made of organic materials. Wooden toys are a perfect example of such product because they are:

  • Durable. Plastic toys are easy to break, while wooden playthings last for generations. Hence, if you buy these toys, you generally avoid hazards of choking or cutting, make reasonable investments to keep the kids from future generations entertained, and consume responsibly.
  • Biodegradable & sustainable. As a part of nature, timber contains no toxins or carcinogens and bears no harm to the environment. In addition, normally wooden toys don’t have batteries, so they can be easily disposed of. Plus, wooden toys are commonly made with the caring hands of a craftsman without any factory equipment which implies less pollution.

On the whole, wooden toys offer plenty of advantages because they are safe, educational, organic, natural, and eco-friendly, their texture is pleasant to touch, and they would stay in your family for generations. For instance, if you buy a wooden lacing toy, you obtain the benefits of both having fun and learning. In a joyful and cheerful manner, these playthings help to develop grasping and motor skills, alongside improving eye-hand cooperation.

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