ACHC Offers Organized Resources in Light of New USP Compliance Requirements

Updated on November 13, 2023

The United States Pharmacopeia’s (USP) recently enacted revisions to its General Chapters <795>, <797> and <800>. Given these changes, ACHCU, the educational and training division of Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC), is offering compounding pharmacy workshops to help pharmacies successfully navigate these new regulatory requirements.

To help prepare for Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) accreditation and achieve USP compliance, these workshops are designed to provide essential information and implementation strategies in addition to continuing education (CE) credits through a virtual experience. 

PCAB Accreditation Workshop

ACHCU will host a two-day live, virtual workshop beginning Tuesday, Nov. 29, that will focus on updates to PCAB standards designed to keep compounding facilities compliant with accreditation and USP regulations.

“In response to the latest updates from USP, which are designed to improve drug quality and safety, we are pleased to offer our compounding pharmacy workshops, developed to equip our customers with the essential tools required to achieve full compliance,” said Greg Stowell, associate director, education and training for ACHCU. “Our primary goal in offering this virtual educational opportunity is to provide all of our valued customers with a comprehensive understanding of ACHC standards and how we translate those into excellence.”

To help pharmaceutical professionals better understand where they stand with USP compliance, ACHC has also developed a new USP Compliance Self-Assessment Tool. Introduced as a comprehensive Microsoft Excel file, the tool will help professionals designate areas of improvement throughout USP General Chapters <795>, <797> and <800>. Once completed, the tool connects professionals with a suite of resource manuals from ACHCU designed to help accelerate the compliance process through various recommendations.

Available as a full suite for all compounding services or as four individual manuals, these resources were developed to help support specific compliance needs within the profession, such as non-sterile non-hazardous compounding, non-sterile hazardous compounding, sterile non-hazardous compounding and sterile hazardous compounding. Each manual comes equipped with complete guidelines that adhere to USP requirements for policies and procedures, standard operating procedures (SOPs), specific job descriptions, competency assessments and various forms to evaluate efficiency. 

“We are continuously developing ACHCU resources to support our customers’ needs and are dedicated to providing the necessary tools to uphold our commitment to excellence for ourselves and our customers,” added Stowell.

For more information about ACHCU’s compounding pharmacy workshops visit, or email [email protected] to learn about additional ACHCU educational tools and resources.

To request the new USP Compliance Self-Assessment Tool, visit

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