A Guide to Having Joyful Winter 

Updated on February 2, 2021

Having winter blues is a common occurrence to anyone even when they are not suffering from a seasonal affective disorder or any other type of depression. The cold and short days can be pretty taunting. It’s essential that you consider taking precautions that will help you avoid falling into a dark –place mentally and give you joy. You can take this opportunity to find yourself and get in line with your feelings. Take a moment to evaluate your emotions to find out if you get affected by the colder weather negatively. If this has been the case, then you have nothing to worry about. Here is a Talkspace guide to cheer yourself up and be joyful.

Consider light therapy

According to some studies, the feelings of sadness during winter is usually brought about by the lack of sunlight. These feelings of sadness will usually throw off your body’s clock. You can use light therapy to keep of the feelings of sadness. There are special lamps that produce similar light to the sunlight that you can use. The lights can be used both at home and in the office. Your happiness should always come first and not what people think about you. You can choose any lamp that suits you. It’s also crucial that you consult your doctor about what lamp to pick.

Make future plans

According to Talkspace reviews, making future plans will help you deal with the winter anxiety. Having future plans helps your mind focus on the future and avoid falling into depression pitfalls. A simple plan like a dinner and a big plan like a vacation according to the latest weather forecast all work the same, so, you don’t have to worry about your financial position. The excitement that you derive from the motivation of these plans is enough to keep you going for happy for quite a while.

Keep exercising

You undoubtedly already know about this, but I will still keep at it. Take some time off your day to do some exercises. Doing exercises has been proven to a be very effective body and mental relaxer. If you work out outside, the cold weather could easily through your mood off balance. You can consider doing some indoor exercises to keep fit and relieve your body and mind some stress. Don’t just exercise on your treadmill; you can find other group class activities like indoor cycling, boxing, yoga, and pilates to partake in.

Surround yourself with family or friends

During the cold season, surrounding yourself with your loved ones like family and friends can be very therapeutic according to Talkspace reviews. Avoid isolating yourself as the feelings of loneliness can easily graduate into depression. Family and friends can easily raise your spirits and be your shoulder to cry on. Apart from having face to face encounters, you can also opt for video calls to catch up with your long-distance friends.

Keep some vitamin D supplements

The sun provides your body with vitamin D. In absentia of the sun; you can keep some supplements of Vitamin D. Apart from supplements, you can eat foods that are rich in vitamin D. These foods include egg yolks, beef, and wild-caught fish among many others.

Go on vacation

If you are missing the sun, you can go find it. Winter is always a good time to go on vacation and avoid any ill effects of the cold weather. Vacations are always exciting, and even the thought of it will lift your spirits.

Seek professional help

In times of winter or any other times when you feel depressed or something like that, you can seek professional help from a therapist.

Take this Talkspace advice for a happy and joyful winter.

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