A Guide to Dealing with the Effects of a Difficult Birth

Updated on October 26, 2021

For many people, starting their own family is a lifelong dream. This means that pregnancy – and thus the birth of their baby – is often a time that is filled with joy. 

Unfortunately, not all births go according to plan. Sometimes, this can be due to someone’s negligence. Other times, however, it can just be something that happens, even if the parents and doctor do everything right. 

Difficult births can have varying outcomes, but no matter how the difficult birth ends, there will likely be a few effects that need to be dealt with. 

Consider getting justice

As mentioned, many births are difficult due to no one’s fault. Sometimes, however, there is someone clearly at fault. Since difficult births can lead to certain defects in a baby, you may want to seek justice for you and your child and to prevent such a situation from happening to another family. 

If you decide to take legal action, you need to be aware of the fact that it will likely be a very stressful time for your whole family. It is also advised to get a professional to help you fight your battle. Have a look at birth defect lawyers if this is an avenue you want to consider. 

Take care of physical issues

We have already stated that there is the possibility of your baby having a birth defect, in which case they may require ongoing treatment. On top of that, you may also need to seek medical attention if you were somehow injured during the difficult birth of your baby.

Both you and your child may need ongoing physical care. It is a good idea to find a good pediatrician for your child as well as a good gynecology clinic for yourself if this is the case. 

Look after your mental health

No matter whether your baby is fine after their difficult birth or not, you may find that you are struggling mentally and emotionally. Giving birth is often a traumatic experience for many people, and of course even more so when that birth doesn’t go as smoothly as planned. 

If you have a partner, there is a big possibility of them having some emotions regarding the birth as well, so it’s a good idea to talk to them so that you can support each other. There is also no shame in seeking professional help – in fact, there are many benefits to therapy.


In some cases, a bad birth is just that – a bad birth. It may be a horrible experience, but once it’s over, you can return to life as usual (just with a baby). 

Sadly, not everyone is this lucky. If your baby was born early, or they have a birth defect, you may need to adjust to a new kind of lifestyle. 

Perhaps you planned to be a stay-at-home parent or to send your child to daycare as soon as possible. Now, however, you may need to reevaluate the plan. You may need to get a nanny to help you. Click here for some tips on finding the perfect nanny for your family.  

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