7 Common Oral Hygiene Mistakes to Take Care Of

Updated on August 6, 2021

In the busy world that has stacked itself up with an unhealthy diet, oral hygiene is perhaps one of the most neglected aspects of an individual’s daily routine. Thrusting the food and later not tending to the mouth with proper care, shelters the bacteria in the mouth. 

Some people may have underlying conditions that lead to tooth decay and prosthetic surgery like dental implants. To treat this right, you can opt for an All on 4 dental implants. 

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Therefore, to avoid the severity that might occur in the future with the existing condition of not heeding to the dental hygiene, here is a list of common oral health mistakes to reflect upon:-

Compromising Brushing

The malicious culprit, and mostly the root cause of most of the dental problems, is brushing. Dentists have advised more than ever that brushing twice a day is a must, and faltering to fulfill this mandated step shall surely result in troubles, if not now, later in life. 

Tyrant Toothpick!

Toothpick seems favorable when you have had a sticky meal. However, it is best not to trifle with the beloved teeth if you do not know how to use a toothpick properly. The situation worsens if the wrong toothpick is chosen for picking the peeking food leftovers in the mouth. Do not poke either the hums or the teeth if bleeding is noticed. It is better to consult a doctor.

Neglecting Mouthwash and Flossing

Brushing is the primary step; the next stage involves mouthwash and flossing to initiate appropriate cleaning procedures. The flossing will clear the minor particles that have clung themselves to the parts of the teeth that could have later manifested into worse problems. The mouthwash is helpful in reducing the chances of cavities, gingivitis, and gum-related problems and improving breath. 

Disastrous Brushing

Do not brush too hard or for an extended period. Do not leave any areas of the mouth unattended. Also, do not go to brush immediately after a meal. The duration between the meal devoured and the brushing should be at least 45 minutes. 

It is advisable to brush after a meal indeed. However, brushing at once weakens the enamel that has recently been flustered with the acid from the food eaten. This will eventually cause the tooth to be loose or gums to bleed. Plus, be aware of the toothpaste you use. 

Using unprescribed Products

There is no shortcut to success, so indeed, even the goal of good oral health does not have one either. Instead of following the step-by-step process of keeping the teeth and mouth clean, using teeth whitening products as an act of impulse might cause permanent damage that cannot be reverted to its previous form. 

Before taking any such step, consult a dental doctor if you require treatment.

Ignoring Dental Visits

Neglecting the visits to the doctor until the minor problem has catapulted itself to something horrifically severe has no answer but expensive treatments. If you feel distressed or you notice something unusual, do consult a dental specialist immediately. 

Leaving the disease untreated for long will not improve but only worsen. 

Un-Balanced Diet

Relying on heavily sugared food or drinking beverages coated with heaps of sugary brew shall bring no good to the oral hygiene process. Frequently, it is the careless diet that results in awful situations to face. 

Be sure to stick to a balanced diet and either avoid or cut down on the intake of sugary food, carbonated drinks, alcohol, and any junk food. Do have a diet that serves high levels of vitamin C to the mouth and stay hydrated. 


Poor oral health can lead to fatal consequences. Rotten teeth are possibly only the beginning because severe cases can even result in death. Oral health probably lacks attention because of its seemingly insignificant contribution to an individual’s life. However, dental health does have a profound effect. 

Astonishingly, most people have been witnessed to leave oral health problems untreated for quite a length of their lifetime. According to the data related to oral health for 2017, WHO revealed that around 2.3 billion adults suffer from caries of permanent teeth while 530 million children are victims of caries in primary teeth.  

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