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6 Tips to Living a Healthier Life in 2019

A healthy life leads to a rewarding and happy life. As we trend through the new year, it is time to kick our old unhealthy habits away and dedicate the year to a healthier and happier life. It is time to discipline ourselves and take the uncomfortable but eventually rewarding steps towards improving our mental and physical conditions. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be rewarding in the long run. Here are 6 simple tips you can follow to living a healthier life in 2019.

1.    Take Small, But Decisive Steps

Instead of setting unreasonable new year goals that you probably won’t live up to by the second month, you can instead set small but decisive steps. For instance, you can start by taking small walks, then progress to jogging short distances as you progress to other intensive physical activities. You can also do some simple home workouts, build through and progress to more challenging activities. The plan here is to start easy then let your body guide you as you climb up the levels.

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2.    Create a Healthy Diet

Nutritionists say that we are what we eat. This statement could not be far from the truth. If you are overweight and are trying to shed the extra pounds, exercise alone may fail if you are not incorporating a healthy diet. Going to the gym everyday at work will work only if on the other hand you are making an effort of staying sober as alcohol can disorient your plans and add on to your calorie intake. You may start also by avoiding fast foods and instead for a habit of carrying packed cooked food from home and a bottle of water instead of taking a soda.

3.    Get Enough Sleep

Many people overlook this aspect of living a healthy life. People are so busy with work and other things in life that they forget to set aside enough time for sleeping. Try and set aside at least eight straight hours of soundless sleep to rejuvenate your body and mind. Sleeping is the most vital aspect of a healthy being as it improves mental health, immunity as well as cardiovascular health.

4.    Have Frequent Medical Check Ups

In most cases, we only wait till we get very sick then rush to the doctors or to the pharmacists to get medication. This approach is both unhealthy and dangerous. It might be too late if we live this kind of life. It is imperative to make frequent visits to the doctor for routine medical check-ups to avoid unexpected illnesses. The doctors can detect the signs early and prevent a fully blown up disease.

5.    Develop a Reading Habit

Your mind, just like your body requires some exercise too. Meditating and other healthy habits like reading play a significant role in improving our mental strength. You don’t not have to kill yourself with boring stuff. You just need to pick up on that which interests you and read a little bit everyday for just a few minutes. You get to learn a lot too and venture into different worlds without having to be there physically.

6.    Join a Health Club

Join a health club this year. You get a lot of drive and inspiration when you are part of a group than when you are doing things alone. You also get to make friends and valuable connections in such clubs while improving your health at the same time.  

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