5 Tips For Renting A Hospital Bed

Updated on January 11, 2023

A hospital bed is essential. It’s medical equipment that is designed to help patients when they need to rest and recuperate. A hospital bed is meant to provide comfort and a safe place for a patient to recover. They can be used not only in hospitals but also in homes. A patient could rent a hospital bed from a company such as Homecare Medical Equipment to get the benefits of a hospital bed while they recover from home. There are many advantages that these beds offer over traditional beds that make them optimal for recovery. Not only can a patient adjust the bed to sit up when eating, but they also feature side rails which can keep a patient from falling from the bed. However, not every hospital bed is created equal. There are different types, sizes, and more things to consider when you are choosing one. Here are some of the different things that you need to look at when you are trying to figure out which bed to rent. 

Some Key Things To Look For When Renting a Hospital Bed: 

1. Type

There are all kinds of different types of hospital beds out there. They come in various styles that you can choose from. You can find fully manual hospital beds that can be adjusted as needed. You can also find semi-electric beds and some that are fully electric. All of these different types of beds come with their unique advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the learning curve of a manual is much easier than some electric beds. Thus, it could be ideal for someone that doesn’t want to have to mess around with remote controls or anything like that. Also, they tend to be much cheaper. After all, they don’t have expensive electronic components that can drive up the price. Whereas, a semi or even a fully electric bed starts to get more and more expensive. 

2. Adjustability

Typically, a hospital bed would be rented if the patient needs adjustability. This is one of the inherent advantages that a hospital bed delivers over a traditional bed. The level of adjustability will vary from bed to bed. It comes down to looking at the different beds available in the marketplace and finding and choosing the right one for you or the patient’s needs. There’s a variety of different things that you want to look for when you are trying to identify the bed that offers the adjustability you need. Not only do you need to look at the height adjustability features, but also whether or not it can elevate your feet or even your head. For instance, someone that is recovering from major foot surgery is likely going to want a bed that can raise the lower portion of the bed. This can help with the recovery process. However, the same patient is likely also going to want to have a bed that can raise the head area too. After all, they will likely be eating in bed. To do so safely and comfortably, the upper portion of the body should be in a semi-upright position.

3. Budget

Another thing that you need to factor into your decision-making process when you are trying to rent a hospital bed would be your budget. Your budget is going to dictate what kind of bed you end up choosing. Like other products, you will find many different options at varying price points. You will find hospital beds that are exorbitantly expensive and you will find some that are budget-friendly. Figure out how much you are willing and able to pay for the rental. You will find that the rental fees for hospital beds will vary considerably. You need to know the costs involved with the process. You could check to see whether or not your insurance will cover any or all of the fees associated with renting out a hospital bed. 

4. Cleaning

You will want to figure out whether or not the company that is renting out the beds is going to be providing the cleaning or if you will need to do it yourself. It’s good to figure this out beforehand because you want to go into the rental knowing what you are responsible for. Some rental companies will handle this on their own and some of them will ask whoever is renting it to handle it.

5. Ask Your Doctor

It’s always a good idea to ask your doctor whether or not renting a hospital bed would be suitable for you. They can tell you what kind of bed to look for. They can give you tips to find the right kind of bed with the right feature set. Your doctor can tell you a lot of information based on your specific condition or situation. This can give you a lot of guidance when it comes to finding the right bed for your needs.

By now, you should be in a good position to identify which bed would suit you the best. You want to find something that is going to accommodate you or the patient in the best way possible. Choosing the right bed can help with recovery efforts. A hospital bed comes with a lot of unique features that can make recovery a much speedier process. Not many know that you can rent a bed to use in your home. Now that you know, you can identify the right rental and speed up the healing process.

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