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5 Technology Trends in Public Safety to be Aware of

Public safety covers a wide scope of things including healthcare. It is a crucial part of a cohesive society, and helps create a good level of security. Different aspects make a society feel secure to individuals and one is knowing that if there is a natural disaster, accident, or medical scare, that there are competent professionals that can come to the rescue. 

If you work within the healthcare industry, you may be wondering what the latest technological trends are and how they’re impacting public safety in general. 

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Below, you’ll find a couple of trends that may interest you. 

The Internet OF Things (IoT) 

In case you’ve heard the term before but aren’t sure what it is, the Internet of Things refers to the increasing number of devices that can communicate using internet connectivity. Why this is helpful in relation to public safety is because such devices can provide real-time notifications of activities or conditions that require special attention. 

A simplistic example would be the use of street cameras to bring the attention of an accident to law enforcement and ambulance services. 


A big part of public safety is both keeping data safe, and also being able to easily access it when necessary. This includes medical records which may need to be accessed in the midst of an emergency. Thanks to EMR, medical records can also be stored in a more secure manner which reduces the risk of private data being compromised.  

Some recent improvements to EMR include detailed prompts and reminders to remove omissions in care, engaging family and patients to identify lapses in care, and adding medical intelligence to computer programs. 

Artificial Intelligence 

A core area that artificial intelligence can be used in is emergency management. They can be used to help save lives in the midst of natural disasters by using drones, sensors and robots to provide accurate information about landscapes or damaged buildings.  

If you’ve been thinking about developing your career into emergency management, especially for natural disasters, it may not be as difficult as you think to transition. You can complete an emergency management bachelor degree online to acquire the necessary knowledge. 


It may seem as though smart watches are nothing more than a new trend in the fitness world, but they are more than that. These are small pieces of technology that can be used to enhance public safety. Smart watches are geo-enabled, which means in the case of an emergency, real-time reporting is enhanced and situational awareness, improved. 

The Samsung Galaxy watch, makes it possible for alerts, images, and maps to be displayed on a high-resolution screen. 

Cyber Analytics 

As you likely already know, cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent as the days go by. Digital security is just as important as physical security in this day and age which is where cyber analytics come into play. Big data analytics can be used to build national networks of threat sharing centers which can detect cyber threats and protect people as a result.  

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