5 Natural Ways to Kill Different Kinds of Pests


Pests are incredibly troublesome, and they are frequent visitors in our lives, no matter how strict preventative measures we take in our homes. There are various kinds of pests ranging from relatively harmless like flies to incredibly troublesome like bed bugs, and each one of them sneak into your homes differently and have to be treated accordingly. 

When we witness various pests crawling in our havens, we often rush to the nearest supermarket and hardware stores to buy synthetic compounds or call professionals like commercial pest exterminators Lake st Louis. But, we forget about various natural ways to get rid of pests that can prove to be equally effective. Of course more serious wildlife control like raccoon removal should be handled by a professional. Therefore, we have listed here five natural ways to kill different kinds of pests so that you can get rid of pests promptly. 


1.     Mosquitoes: Get rid of stagnant water:

Stagnant water is an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes as they lay eggs there, and before you know it, your home will have a whole colony of mosquitoes. Therefore, get rid of all water bodies in your homes so that you can stay away from diseases like malaria and dengue. The most common areas in your home where water can accumulate are clogged drain pipes, gutters, and trash containers.

2.     Ticks: Get rid of their prime habitat:

Ticks can prove to be incredibly dangerous because they can cause deadly Lyme disease. Their prime habitat is found to be the Japanese barberry plant, which is an invasive species and can be found in over 20 states in the U.S. Therefore, make sure that you clear your yard such that there is no barberry plant growing in the vicinity of your home.

Moreover, it has been reported that there is a two-hour window for a tick to latch onto your body properly. Therefore, you should take a shower immediately after you have spent some time near the tick hotspot areas so that any latched ticks can be eliminated.

3.     Flies: Cover the basics:

Flies can be considerably troublesome, and they are mostly attracted to various edibles that are present in our homes almost all the time. One of the clingiest types of flies is the fruit flies, which can be eliminated by making a mixture of wine, fruit juice, and vinegar in a narrow neck bottle, which will attract fruit flies and eliminate them. Flies are also attracted to trash cans because they contain a lot of discarded food. Therefore, you must ensure that you take out the trash regularly and cover the bins adequately.

4.     Cockroaches: Set up the traps:

Cockroaches love filth and decomposing food and therefore, they are often found near the trash cans. Instead of spraying harmful chemicals all over your home to get rid of them, you can create your trap by putting a piece of banana inside a medium-size glass bottle and apply petroleum jelly around the lip of the jar.

Cockroaches will crawl inside the bottle to feast on banana, but they will not be able to crawl out due to the slippery lip of the container. You can then add boric acid in the bottle to exterminate them all at once.

5.     Termites: Use boric acid:

Termites can easily be called one of the most dangerous pests that can assault your home because they eat up the most valuable wooden possessions in your home. Once you have identified the infestation, you can conveniently kill them by puffing boric acid on the infested places.  

There are also other pests like ants and rodents, but most people already know the elimination methods for those. But, now that you know about elimination methods of some other pests, you are all set to handle them on your own. Still not confident? You might want to visit a site like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/pest-control/ instead then, before things get out of control. The earlier you deal with an infestation, the easier it is to remove them.

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