5 Best Resistance Band Workout for your Lower Body

Updated on January 12, 2021

To strengthen your lower body, you can follow a variety of workout programs like using kettlebells and dumbbells, etc. But today, resistance bands are considered as one of the best tools used for this purpose. These bands can focus on large as well as small groups of muscles instantly without pressuring them enormously. You can work with different levels of resistance from light to heavy by using a resistance band

According to experts, this band can help you to improve the strength of your lower back anywhere and anytime you want within less than 20 minutes. So if women want to be fit and healthy or someone wants to work out on his/her glutes and legs then he/she must follow the following exercises.

Some of these workouts you can easily perform to make your lower body strong are briefly described in this write-up for your consideration.  

Tabletop Glute Kickbacks: This resistance exercise with the band will tighten your core as well as fire-up your glutes. To do this exercise you will have to keep your hips and body stable and in an orderly manner. It will make you feel that your glutes are working by working on your lower body.

This exercise can be done by getting into the position of a tabletop with your shoulders over your wrists and hips over your knees. The band should be placed around your feet’s arches to kick one of your feet behind you in a straight line with your head’s top. Switch sides after 10 repetitions.

Fire Hydrant: This exercise works on the largest muscles in your glutes by moving your legs away from the middle of your body. It can also focus on your small muscles as it activates your glutes by your lower body against the resistance band.

To do this exercise you will have to get into the position of the tabletop with your shoulders over your wrists and hips over your knees and the band should be placed somewhat above your knees. Now lift your left knee on its side without shifting the hips by engaging your outer thighs and glutes. It will keep your upper body stable by tightening your core. Switch sides after 10 constant reps.

Clamshell: This exercise allows you to move your thigh muscles in a controlled manner to work on their outer and inner muscles.

To do this workout you will have to place your band just above the knees around your thighs and lie down on your right side on the yoga mat with your knees bent. Now place your left hand on your left hip and head on your right forearm or hand. Now you should press your thigh out as much as you can by squeezing your thigh muscles and glutes to work against the band. Bring back the left thigh to its original position after staying at the top position for a while. Switch to other side after10 reps.

Glute Bridge with Raising Alternate Leg: This exercise can test the stability of your lower abs as your glute has to work hard to lift it off the ground and balance your body while lifting your leg against the band. 

To do this exercise you will have to lie on the yoga mat with your face up, feet on the floor, and bent knees. Now place the resistance band just above your keens around your thighs. Now, press-up your hips towards the ceiling and lift your hips by tightening your pelvic muscles and glutes. Now, kick out your left foot in your front against the band with your right foot on the ground. Return the left foot to the ground. Switch to another side after 15-20 reps.

Glute Bridge Pulses: This exercise can help in opening up the hips along with strengthening your pelvic floor. But to prevent overarching of your lower back you should not lift your hips too high.

To do this exercise, you have to lie on the yoga mat with your face up, feet flat on the floor, bent knees, and arms on your sides. Place the band just above your knees around your thighs. Now to pulse your hips up and down without touching the ground with your butt you will have to press your hips upwards by tightening your pelvic muscles and glutes. It should be continued for 15-20 reps.

 Thus, for strengthening your lower body you should buy a resistance band to work on it.

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