4 Things to Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Updated on November 22, 2022

Many women feel conscious about their body and want to adjust a few areas in their body to look better. It is because they want to feel good about themselves.

A study from 2017 showed that Australians have undergone more than 20,000 Breast Augmentation Surgery, and the numbers are growing. So, if you want to know more about breast augmentation surgery, keep on reading the article!

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In layman’s terms, Breast Augmentation surgery is a cosmetic surgery that is aimed at increasing the breast size. Otherwise known as augmentation mammoplasty, this kind of surgery is prescribed when someone wants to improve the shape and fullness of their breasts!

What does the surgeon do in this kind of surgery? They place implants under the breast tissue or chest muscles, and these implants can last from 7-12 years.

Breast Implants are usually medical prosthetics, which are placed inside the breast to reconstruct, augment, or give a perfect shape to the human breasts. There are usually three kinds of breast implants:

·        Saline Implants: These kinds of implants are usually made up of sterile saline water, and are filled in a silicone shell. The shape, firmness, and feel of the implant can be easily manipulated by changing the content of the saline water. What is the best part of these implants? If the saline water leaks, it is naturally excreted out of the body after proper absorption of the saline water.

·        Silicone Gel-filled Implants: These implants, as the name suggests, do not use saline water but the implant is instead filled with a silicone gel. Thus, if these implants leak, the implant may not collapse. However, it requires delicate care and regular MRI along with constant doctor’s supervision.

·        Alternative composite Implants: These implants are neither filled with saline water or silicone gel. They are filled with substances like polypropylene string, soy oil, or other materials, depending on the need.

Many people are getting these surgeries done, and breast augmentation in Melbourne has become quite a thing, now. So, let us look at some of the important reasons, why people commit to breast augmentation surgery:

·        Some people do it so that they can have attractive breasts, and they want to increase the size of the breasts that are naturally small.

·        Many people want to restore the shape, symmetry, or firmness of the natural breasts after they have undergone pregnancy, breastfeeding, and loss of weight.

·        Many doctors recommend breast augmentation surgery after they have undergone breast cancer and had to give up their breasts to the disease.

After getting an idea of what breast augmentation surgery is or why it should be done, you must also know certain complications that come along with it. So, let us look at some of the pivotal things, which we need to do before this surgery:

1. You have to take at least a week off, after your breast augmentation surgery

It is seen that many patients do not feel too good after augmentation surgery. Thus, it is usually recommended to take 5-7 days off, after the surgery and give proper rest to the breasts. There can be some soreness in your breasts for some time.

2. Implant breasts still feel a tad-bit different

Although there is no noticeable difference between the two, still there can be a difference in feeling when you touch them. Plus, getting rid of the scar can be difficult, at times. Man-made tissue may not be as real as the real human tissue or muscles.

3. You may have to repeat the procedure depending on the results

If you have a cup size of A and you want to jump to DD, you cannot get it all done in one procedure. Hence, you have to repeat the procedure, and that is one of the reasons why doctors recommend surgery based on expectation!

4. There can be a loss of feeling in your nipples post the surgery

This is a natural side-effect of any surgery on the breasts. There can be a loss of sensation to stimuli, and it depends on factors like breast shape and surgery. However, you may still respond to cold and external stimuli, and feel the hardness and firmness.

An interesting survey of the cosmetic surgery of Australia showed that it had already reached the $1 billion mark. This means, a lot of people are vouching for these cosmetic procedures done, and you can also sign up for it!

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